Episode 4
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Episode 4


Guy Sensei didn't do it... (ガイ先生はそれをしなかった, Gai Sensei wa sore o Shinakatta)
Guy Sensei's Rival is Kakashi Sensei (ガイ先生のライバルはカカシ先生です, Gai Sensei no Raibaru wa Kakashi Sensei)


April 24, 2012

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Episode 4 was aired on April 24, 2012.


Guy Sensei Didn't Do It...

Lee's beloved Guy Sensei is arrested for lewd behavior. Lee promises to clear his master’s name.

Guy-Sensei's Rival is Kakashi-Sensei

Later, Kakashi Sensei's secret move defeats Guy, and Lee decides to follow Kakashi and become as powerful as he is.


Part 1: Guy Sensei Didn't Do It

File:541033-might guy caught.png

Team Guy walks through the village and nears the village gates, hoping to see Guy's return from a mission. On their way, they hear news of a man being arrested for lewd behavior. Upon arriving at the gates, the team is shocked to find it is Guy.

Theteam goes to Guy's holding place and are informed by Anko Mitarashi of the situation. She explains that Guy was at Shimura Hot Springs when he destroyed the wall seperating the men and women's baths while dressed in odd clothing.

The trio decides to retrace Guy's steps to find what really happened. Lee forms an idea o what really happened, and Guy is attacked by ninja apparently out for revenge. Lee appears and attacks the enemy ninja and Neji and Tenten also join the fight. They nearly defeat their foes, but at the final moment the last shinobi attempts a suicide tactic. Guy is able to dodge the attack, and the truth is revealed. He had seen a swan and became so excited he had to practice his swan-based technique there. Unfortunately, he destroyed the wall seperating the baths and was arrested while doing so.

Lee is saddened that his hypothesis was incorrect, but is told by Tenten that he came closer to the truth than anyone else. Guy is proud of Lee and the two fuse their different styles together to form a new technique.

Part 2: Guy-Sensei's Rival is Kakashi-Sensei

Tenten, Lee, and Neji watch as Guy and Kakashi prepare to face off. Seeing Guy's sickly state of health, Kakashi suggests skipping the challenge, but Guy refuses and attacks Kakashi. Kakashi is able to get behind Guy and hits him with his One Thousand Years of Death, defeating him.

Later, Neji and Tenten talk of Kakashi's vast abilities. Tenten mentions Kakashi to be much more powerful than Guy, to which Lee tries to prove her wrong by thinking of instances where Guy bested Kakashi. However, he is unable to think of any.

The following day, Neji and Tenten wait for Lee and Kakashi. Kakashi had been assigned as their team captain, as Guy was sick. Lee appears first, dressed as Kakashi. After waiting for Kakashi, the three decide to leave without their leader, thinking that the enemies they were assigned to track would escape if they did not hurry.

While on the mission, the team is surrounded by their foes. Lee claims to be Kakashi, but the enemy shows distrust in his claim and asks him to reveal his Sharingan to confirm his statement. Tenten finds this impossible, but Lee reveals his eye, showing a Sharingan. It is revealed that he used contact lenses and Neji shows Tenten his own pair, showing her the Byaku-Sharingan.

When the enemies remain unconvinced, Lee attempts to use the One Thousand Years of Death, but his attack is ineffective due to the foe wearing an iron plate on their rear. Neji, Lee and Tenten are put into a bad position, but Guy and Kakashi then appear, saving them. Seeing Guy fight, Lee's faith in his master is restored. Lee quickly changes clothing and defeats the enemies together. Lee shares a hug with Guy while Kakashi reveals that he does acknowledge Guy has his rival.

The following day, Lee and Guy both try to practice the Thousand Years of Death.


  • Yamato Cameos: 2
  • At the beginning of the episode when Guy is revealed to be the lewd criminal, the eyes from his swan costume are missing.

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