Episode 39

Christmas is the Last Chance for Love!
Cleanup is a Chance to Wash Away the Past!

Episode 38 Episode 40

Episode 39 was aired on December 25, 2012.


Part 1: Christmas is the Last Chance for Love!

Konohagakure is having a Christmas Party and everyone's powered-up about getting some presents.

Part 2: Cleanup is a Chance to Wash Away the Past!

Everyone are tasked to clean this year's dirt and Lee is motivated to have a soba dinner with Sakura.


Part 1: Christmas is the Last Chance for Love!

As Konohagakure is having a Christmas party, Tenten notices that everyone is excited about the presents. Shizune and Tsunade organized a Complete Survival Race wherein doors are prepared which lead to some presents but have to get pass through traps inside. Team 8 headed to the first door, where Guy and Kakashi are doing some office stuff. They invited them to join and have some fun. Kiba and Shino joins them, leaving Hinata to continue for them. Team 10 headed to a door where they are lead to a chicken house. Sadly, Choji got tempted and leaves Ino to finish the race. Team 7 headed to an apartment, where Yamato is having fun alone. Sakura and Sai joins him and leaves Naruto the rest of the race. Then came the time where Naruto and Lee are the ones left finishing the game together. In the end, they didn't know which present was Sakura's and they decided to exchange their gifts.

Part 2: Cleanup is a Chance to Wash Away the Past!

Tsunade assigns the Chunins to clean up this year's dirt and mess for it was a chaos and begin a new start. Team Guy is assigned to clean the warehouse and Lee, overheard Sakura and Naruto's conversation about the soba dinner. He becomes motivated while cleaning to the point he used his Leaf Whirlwind to clean everything up. The important documents went flying and he came to pick it up. He notices Hinata near the mailbox and tells him about her New Year's Card which was lost because of the wind. Lee felt guilty and luckily he found the card. Same goes for Tsunade's lottery ticket and Teuchi's ramen. Meanwhile, Tenten and Neji looks for Lee and happen to see Team Asuma and Team Kakashi gathered in the soba shop. They decided to make a skit to wait for Lee. They all got kicked out of the shop and unexpectedly, Lee sees them. They explained that they waited for him and they all ended up eating in Ichiraku.

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