Episode 36

Tenten vs. Temari!
Orochimaru's Search for Love!

Episode 35 Episode 37

Episode 36 was aired on December 4, 2012.


Part 1: Tenten vs. Temari!

Team Guy coincidentally meets the Sand siblings in a tea house and challenges them to a fight.

Part 2: Orochimaru's Search for Love!

Orochimaru decides to become a normal ninja after getting terrified of the idea of being alone forever.


Part 1: Tenten vs. Temari!

After finishing a mission, Team Guy goes to a tea shop and happens to see the Sand siblings eating dumplings. Gaara explains to them that as the Kazekage, it's his job to visit other villages. As Tenten meets Temari, she gets furious when she was called "incompetent". She recalled the time during the Chunin exams, where Temari beat her. Lee knew how she felt and helped her. They challenged the siblings and Guy as the referee, they have to fight to get the Heaven and Earth scrolls from each other. In the end, Tenten beats Temari by hitting her with a "Boob Hammer".

Part 2: Orochimaru's Search for Love!

Orochimaru goes to Konoha Department Store but wasn't allowed to enter for the store has a family sale, which only lets couples and families to enter. After being humiliated, he asks Kabuto Yakushi about happiness. Soon, he goes to Konohagakure and ends up being caught by Team Guy. He tells them he just wanted to be an ordinary ninja after being terrified about the idea of being alone his whole life. Team Guy helps him by getting him into a dating party. Sadly, Orochimaru got frustrated since the women of Konohagakure only wants men with money. He admitted that he just wanted to build a family in Konohagakure and become a normal ninja so that he can crush inside. At his home, he asks again Kabuto, but this time, about marriage.

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