Episode 35

Caring for Animals is Hard Work
Howl at the Naruto!

Episode 34 Episode 36

Episode 35 was aired on November 27, 2012.


Part 1: Caring for Animals is Hard Work

Naruto, Kakashi and Shizune leave their summoning animals, coincidentally, to Team Guy and asks them a favor to entertain them while they're out.Team Guy, though having troubles taking care of them, managed to have fun.

Part 2: Howl at the Naruto!

Team Guy and Team Kurenai helps Hinata cross her gap between Naruto and get her near him.


Part 1: Caring for Animals is Hard Work

Naruto asks Lee  to entertain Gamakichi and Gamatatsu   while he's out, the same thing goes for Kakashi and his ninken to Guy and Shizune's Tonton and Katsuyu to Tenten. Seeing that Team Guy, unexpectedly, has the same job, the animals refused to be taken care of by someone like them and challenged to catch them. Kiba and Akamaru join Kakashi's ninken as they run from Lee and Guy. To stop them, Guy summons his ninja tortoise and throws him but Lee catches him to save the dogs from being hit. Lee learned his lesson on knowing the importance of understanding animals and in the end, they're tasked to manage Gamabunta and others.

Part 2: Howl at the Naruto!

Team Guy and Team Kurenai  sees Hinata on the bench alone worrying about winter, She wanted to get near Naruto for she has a crush on him. Their first plan was to get Naruto in a library and meet Hinata there. It failed and Lee thought of another plan by taking him by force. Naruto accidentally hits Hinata with his car when she dodged the bullets Lee fired at him.

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