Episode 34

Save Ichiraku Ramen!
Vacations are for Training!

Episode 33 Episode 35

Episode 34 was aired on November 20, 2012.


Part 1: Save Ichiraku Ramen!

A new ramen store in Konohagakure is taking Ichiraku's customers and Team Guy promises Naruto to help Teuchi and Ayame.

Part 2: Vacations are for Training!

Lee refuses to rest during his vacations and Neji and Tenten have to come up with an idea to make Lee have a proper break.


Part 1: Save Ichiraku Ramen!

Naruto is worried that Ichiraku might go out of business because of the new ramen store, Tasty Ramen, is taking out their customers. Lee and his team were out to help Naruto and Ichiraku by spying on the flavor. Then, Lee comes up with his "Double Fish Pork Ramen" counterattack plan that states that first, there should be some good sides to the ramen. Second is having a barbecue lunch set and the third, to counter the thick broth made by Tasty Ramen, transforms Teuchi's face into Guy. Unfortunately, the plan didn't work but Lee thought of another plan which is having some critics who would praise the food. Lee hires Choji to do it. Just as he was forcing him to eat ramen to persuade the customers, the ramen accidentally heads to Sakura. Lee uses his Leaf Whirlwind to kick it and it unexpectedly spills on top of the heads of the customers and they found it delicious. Ichiraku had it's customers back and at the end of the day and left Lee and the others with empty stomachs.

Part 2: Vacations are for Training!

As Team Guy finishes their mission, Neji and Tenten worry about Lee for he has been over-training and doesn't rest. They ask Naruto for help, but Naruto says to leeave him be. They sought Tsunade for help and she says that she would be declaring the Labor Day as a rest day for everyone, but Lee won't listen. Naruto tries to help them by transforming into Sakura to stop Lee in his training, but Lee knew that it was Naruto. Chōji too, offered help by inviting him to eat with him, but it only motivated Lee to train more. Tenten thought of doing a skit that shows how important resting is but, sadly, Lee ignores it and they failed to make Lee have his rest.

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