Episode 32

Sakura's My Nurse!
One Vote for Rock Lee!

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Episode 32 was aired on November 6, 2012.


Part 1: Sakura's My Nurse!

Lee fakes being sick in order to get Sakura to be his nurse but together with Naruto, they must throw off a suspicious Tenten.

Part 2: One Vote for Rock Lee!

When Lee sees that he isn't ranked he sets out to fix that during this years popularity campaign! Can he take the first place title away from Sasuke?


Part 1: Sakura's My Nurse!

One chilly autumn day, Lee feigns illness while a suspicious Neji and Tenten question this, pointing out that he seemed fine all day, and the previous day he ate way more then any sick person would. Lee claims he had been naked under a waterfall and ate ice cream, much to their shock. But while they are still suspicious, Tenten leads Lee over to the doctors and offers to stay behind and keep him company but he refuses, claiming her training is much more important and that he didn't want to make her miss any of it. But when Tenten asks if there is a reason he wouldn't want her there, he says no and she leaves to get him signed in.

Inside one of the examination rooms, Sakura explains that she is taking Tsunade's place for the day because she is too busy to be there herself. Lee shows just how "sick" he is and Sakura reveals that Naruto is there too!

When the two boys are left in private, Naruto gets Lee to admit he was faking illness but the girls return, wondering what the guys had been discussing. Lee manages to secretly reveal to Naruto that he thinks Tenten is on to them and Sakura decides she needs to check their temperature. Naruto rubs his thermometer on a pillow in order to make the friction heat it up quickly. Lee then uses his pure burning passion in order to make the thermometer explode!

A little while later, Shikamaru and Choji stop by to bring them a little get well present. Both Lee and Naruto want the melon but they realize that a normal sick person usually doesn't have much of an appetite. So if they accept the gift, that it would prove them fakers. Lee manages to find a way to get around this by claiming that while he isn't hungry, he does need energy to heal properly. So the guys leave as Naruto and Lee finish the Melon themselves. At this point, Sakura and Tenten are becoming more aware that this may just be a trick hearing how much of a commotion goes on in the other room. Sakura points this out to Tenten and the girls enter the room, deciding that there is only one thing they must do in order to make Naruto and Lee better: give them a shot...

Neither boy wants a shot, but there isn't anyway out of this and before they can escape, the girls proceed to beat them up with the giant shots after they reveal to the guys they had just heard their plans. As Lee and Naruto panic and yell, the narrator tells the audience members to try not to copy Lee and Naruto's scheme, since it's pretty hard to pull off successfully...

Part 2: One Vote for Rock Lee!

While viewing a board with many of the ninja's pictures on it, Sakura reveals that a popularity campaign is currently going on. She also reveals that it the voting will be going on the following day and shows that Sasuke is in first place with a whole bunch a points more then the competitor in second place. Lee demands to know why this is, considering the fact Sasuke rarely even shows up in this show, but Sakura points out that Sasuke is just that popular and cool. It's then revealed to Lee that he didn't even rank...

At the all-night debate, the elder members of Konoha are going over the results so far. Someone points out that Sasuke hasn't been a resident of the village in a while, so he shouldn't even count. But Tsunade informs him that it IS a popularity contest. Mention of Orochimaru rumors that he too will be running then pop up, while those who support Lee are concerned since he didn't even rank. Everyone grows concerned and wonder if maybe they need to replace Lee as the main character, given how unpopular he is. The others think this may be too rash, while Lee, Tenten, and Neji watch this television report.

Neji points out that a show only goes on as long as the main character is popular, to which Lee wonders why he isn't very liked. He thinks that perhaps his poster looks stupid and explains that they struggled to get a really good picture due to the flashing lights and so on. The guys compliment how pretty Tenten's poster is and accused her of using photo editing to make herself look better. But Tenten claims she has a right to do this, being a girl.  While Tenten denies specific edits of her image and Lee accuses her of trying to steal his job as main character, Naruto appears and claims that everyone wants to be the main character. This causes them to ask him if he's worried he isn't as popular as he used to be and may risk losing his position in the main series. Naruto scolds them before revealing that he plans to take over this series too, then takes his leave.

The following day, Naruto uses his sexy clones to carry him around and give out papers while he tells everyone to vote for him. So Lee decides he needs to do something just as flashy too, but then attempts to use policy, claiming that he can easily increase the rankings and bring out loads more merchandise then now. But Tenten tells him he is only making promises he surely can't keep. It's then Sakura gives an update on the voting process and shows them the shrunk image so that everyone can see how the voting is going on during the episode. She then gets word that Neji is predicted to be going into fourth place by the time the contest ends!

Lee believes this to be some strange rumor, and he even goes to look but Tenten only yells at him for such an idea. Another update comes in just then, stating that Naruto's popularity is shooting up. Naruto comes by to gloat to Lee, along with two of his sexy clones. Naruto's secret to popularity is revealed when one of the fliers floats by and Lee grabs ahold of it to see one of the sexy clones posing in a bikini. Tenten finds this strange but Lee claims that some people would indeed fall for this kind of trick and he calls Naruto out for using this scheme to win. And so, he tries to win the hearts of everyone, as well as offers coupons. After Tenten yells at him again, Guy shows up out of no where to give Lee a small lecture.

This makes Lee realize that by worrying over the popularity contest, he'll never become a good ninja. So instead of worrying about the voting, he goes back to training instead....

After a while, the current standings come in. An upset Tenten has come in seventh place, after Katsuyu, who came in sixth place, after Shino. Sakura asks Katsuyu about her placing 6th as Tenten angrily yells about it. It's then the votes for Lee come in! 

Somehow he managed to rank first! During a celebration, Tenten wonders why his popularity had increased as much as it did. Guy claims it was because everyone saw him doing work to better himself and it inspired them. Sakura meanwhile, has gone to the voters to ask them and it turns out that Lee did try to look popular some of the time, after all. As Lee and Guy pose, breaking news comes in to reveal that Lee's vote was actually an error! He managed to score, but his rank has gone down severly and he didn't even score, again!

In first... Sasuke Uchiha?!

As everyone stands there in utter shock and surprise, Tenten scolds the narrator for giving such a serious moral.


  • Yamato Cameos: 3
  • During Lee's money idea during part 2 of the episode, a DS and PSP is shown in one of the thought bubbles.


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