Episode 30

Autumn Shinobi Safety Lessons!
Deidara's Art is Always a Blast!

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Episode 30 was aired on October 23, 2012.


Part 1: Autumn Shinobi Safety

Tsunade tries to teach everyone the importance of safety due to a lot of careless injuries.

Part 2: Deidara's Art is Always a Blast!

Tsunade puts Lee and friends in charge of the villages Halloween celebration but Deidara and Tobi plan to show them what true terror is!


Part 1: Autumn Shinobi Safety

Deidara and Tobi are in the middle of something when Deidara reveals the bird-like figure he made. As he talks about it he slips on a magazine/book that happened to be laying on the ground and falls, causing him to accidentally break the figure. After blasting Tobi for his comment, Deidara notices something on the front cover related to safety and health. Giving him a great idea.

Shizune speaks to Tsunade regarding a bunch of accidents and injuries people are getting in due to carelessness. While trying to think up an idea, Lee shows up and suggests a health and safety campaign. He discusses his idea in secrecy with Tsunade, who agrees to it right away.

Back with Deidara and Tobi, the two of them are traveling through the Leaf's forest. Deidara has plans of his own, which Tobi claims is probably because he has a grudge against the Hidden Leaf specifically. Deidara denies this accusation and the narrator takes this moment to introduce them, and the Akatsuki to the audience. As they resume, Deidara notices that Tobi has stopped and yells at him, not seeing Lee head straight for him!

Deidara fears he may have been found out when Lee reveals he was going over the speed limit. Deidara doesn't really understand and Tobi criticizes him, saying that a light had been flashing to warn them to slow down. He then explains (using a car) that when a passing car flashes the lights, it's a warning of a cop ahead. They make him sit down and ask to see a license, which Deidara doesn't even have. Tobi decides to juggle and balance on a giant ball in hopes of distracting them in the mean time. He then produces his 3rd Degree Ninja Performing certificate to them. As well as 2nd degree space-time ninjutsu user, a promoter for Make-Out Tactics, and a military sommelier. Deidara complains that it has nothing to do with a driving license, when Lee reveals it wasn't really about that. It was a test to see how well someone could do to weasel out of a ticket.

Lee then asks for a sobriety test. Deidara thinks this will be easy but Tobi shoves him aside and he begins to go on about how much he loves his partners art, claiming that Deidara would never drink. He ends then ends the statement by pointing out that Deidara is always drunk. Much to his shock...

Having enough of such crazy behavior, Deidara demands to be let into the village already. Lee decides to check one more thing: Brakes. Tobi insists he handles it and begins to tell a story in the form of a skit. It goes into another skit and Deidara pulls out one of his bombs, threatening to use it if they even try anything else. Neji warns everyone that a bunch of Chakra fills the bird.Before Lee can say anything else, Shizune runs by the inform him that the show was to start and the actors never arrived. He assumes Deidara and Tobi were the actors and he proceeds to drag them to the stage. Shizune apologizes for being late and they start the show, but this doesn't worry Deidara, since he can just use his bomb now as he wants. But when he pulls it out, Tsunade appears out of nowhere and attacks, causing it to go off as Tobi and Deidara are sent flying!

Tsunade takes the stage and she explains that if she catches anyone using careless ninjutsu she will gladly beat them up for it. Lee is happy that things went so well, but while he states that it's because of the actors. The true actors show up and explain that they got caught in a speed trap on their way over.

Part 2: Deidara's Art is Always a Blast!

Tsunade speaks to Shizune about her idea to hold a fun, western style fall festival for everyone as a reward for being so safety conscious now. Meanwhile, Deidara and Tobi are overlooking the giant pumpkin bomb Deidara made. He plans to detonate it while inside the village, knowing how much destruction it'd cause. Tobi doesn't really think they will take it as a threat since it'd blend in well with the festival Tsunade plans to hold. While they overlook the flyer, Deidara questions Halloween, then calls it weird as Tobi tells him it's an American Holiday. Hearing this however, he plans to use his giant bomb pumpkin since it will blend in perfectly. After he puts it away he starts to walk, unaware that he dropped it...

As Deidara walks around, he sees Lee, Tenten, and Neji discussing how they had been put in charge of this festival and ideas. Neji questions what they could do, since none of them really know what Halloween is about. They also do not have a lot of time. Seeing this display, Deidara decides he'll intervene and they assume he was asked to come to liven up the Halloween events. So Deidara chooses to roll with it and they ask him to teach them about Halloween. He starts by saying that scary creatures come out to scare people, but the team doesn't understand it. So he starts over, stating that people dress up in costume and trick or treat for candy. Neji refuses, claiming that pestering people is rude. Tenten tells him to stop being so uptight and Lee suggests they create a willing enviroment for candy givers, that way it isn't impolite or rude.

After questioning the next thing Deidara explains they begin to wonder if maybe he isn't telling them the truth. He acts hurt by this, but Lee convinces him not to give up. With some convincing, Deidara agrees to work with the trio in order to make a rocking Halloween Festival. Deidara tells them to clean up the tombstones, get sacrifices ready, light a fire, and do a whole bunch of dancing come festival time. And soon the entire area has been set up. Tsunade comes by to check out the work everyone has did and soon comes the night and the party is ready to begin.

Lee thanks Deidara for what he did when Tobi appears and shows him the bomb he left behind. He pulls it out and lights it, but much to his surprise Deidara grabs the bomb pumkin and Tobi, then he flies away as it explodes.

The following day, Tenten reveals to Lee and Neji that Tsunade hadn't sent for Deidara or Tobi. The idea to have a Halloween party had been thought up on the spot. When Neji questions this, Tenten feels as though she had seen them before, but she can't think of how.

Meanwhile, Deidara and Tobi are very battered and bruised from the event that took place the previous evening. An unhappy Deidara plans to get even more revenge while Tobi demands he be given a new partner.


  • Yamato Cameos: 2
  • For his Halloween costume showcase, Lee dresses up as Buffaloman, a character from Kinnikuman. Lee and Deidara try to quote the series, but Tenten stops them with the Kinniku Buster and Kinniku Driver, respectively.
  • Lee's idea of a candy-giving environment is based on The Little Match Girl.


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