Episode 3
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Episode 3


A Competition with the Genius Ninja, Neji (天才忍者ネジとの競合, Tensai Ninja Neji to no Kyōgō)

Tenten's Must-Win Battle (てんてんの勝たなければならない戦い, ''Tenten no Katanakereba Naranai Tatakai)


April 17, 2012

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Episode 3 is the third episode of the Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden series.


A Competition with the Genius Ninja, Neji

Lee's teammate Neji Hyūga is a talented ninja referred to by many as a genius. Feeling inferior, Lee challenges him in a fight.

Tenten's Must-Win Battle

A woman who manipulates men to fight for her shakes Tenten's belief in her teammates as they fail to help her.


A Competition with the Genius Ninja, Neji

After Lee defeats several enemy shinobi, he begins to feel as not even Neji could compete with his strength. However, the leader of the group appears and Lee begins to feel nervous, but the foe topples over, revealing Neji who had defeated him. Comparing his quantity with Neji's quality, Lee becomes saddened and labels his own achievement as inferior.

After, Lee walks with Neji through Konoha while the citizens praise Neji's work and strength. Lee begins to feel jealous and proclaims that he would have defeated the final shinobi as well, when he spots Tenten searching for something. Tenten reveals that she had lost a photo of their team together and wanted to find it. Lee made finding Tenten's picture a personal goal, but only to find that Neji had already found it shortly after Sakura and Naruto's arrival. After recieving the photo, Tenten and Sakura talk about Neji while Neji returns to his home. This frustrates Naruto and Lee and the two decide to spy on Neji to see his true strength. However, the two are disappointed when they only witness Neji in the restroom. Lee states that he will not admit defeat and challenges Neji to a match. Neji then accepts this offer.

A week later, Lee appears and reveals a strong, muscular appearance. Naruto also appears with a muscular arm, saying that he only helped Lee with half of his training. The two begin to battle and Lee is hit with Neji's attack and his "muscles" now deflate. As a last resort, Lee attempts to use the Byakugan, confusing Neji enough for him to find an opening. He is able to strike Neji, and appears to have won, but his attack caused recoil and both fall. The two settle for a tie, much to Lee dismay, but Neji reveals that he acknowledged Lee as a powerful opponent.

Tenten's Must-Win Battle

While on a mission, Lee acts unsightly infront of Tenten, angering her. Tenten reminds him of the "Ladies first" phrase, but Lee and Neji fail to understand. Later, Tenten fights against several bandits as Lee and Neji watch, telling her she did not need their help. However, Tenten calls her teammates for support when the leader of the group appears, but finds them resting. Though Tenten is able to defeat the bandits, she again reminds her teammates to be more considerate. However, one more her teammates fail to understand, angering her. In her anger Tenten leaves, but Lee calls out to her, saying they treated her in such manner because they knew she was strong. Tenten leaves no reply and vanishes.

While walking, Tenten is approached by the same bandits she had previously defeated. Neji and Lee also appear, relieving Tenten who believes they came to save her. She soon finds out that they only wanted to give her an article of clothing, saying it would make her a true man. This angers Tentten and she defeats the foes.

At the days end, the three speak to each other and Neji mentions Tenten's lack of remarks regarding him and Lee becoming more gentlemanly. Tenten replies that it did not suit them, remembering Lee's words. However, Lee reveals that he had meant that she was stronger due to her less sensitive anatomy, angering her once more.


  • Yamato Cameos: 2