Episode 29
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We're Here to Welcome Gaara!
The Ultimate Autumn Diet!

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Episode 29 was aired on Octorber 16, 2012.


Part 1: We're Here to Welcome Gaara!

Team Guy tries to make Gaara feel welcome when he comes to visit the Leaf Village.

Part 2: The Ultimate Autumn Diet!

The girls have Guy train them but for reasons unknown.


Part 1: We're Here to Welcome Gaara!

Before leaving to Konoha for a visit, Gaara asks Kankuro and Temari if they would like any souvenirs. Kankuro suggests a food like saury, and with that in mind, Gaara leaves.

Team Guy is informed by Tsunade that Gaara will be visiting the Leaf Village. She orders Team Guy to greet him and show him good Leaf hospitality. Lee begins to go over standered hospitality, such as reading manga or playing games. However, Tenten is unsure of what to do, not knowing much about Gaara. Lee suggests they buy a game for him, but is stopped by Guy, who tells the team that they should give Gaara hospitality only they could provide.

Neji, Tenten and Lee sit down to discuss what kind of hospitality Lee could provide. Lee tries to think of some ideas, but struggles to come up with anything good. Tenten suggests he just act realistic to think of something.

And so, the day comes to meet with Gaara. Lee decides that they will first do kart racing, as he thought of it as a realistic version to playing Mariko Kart. He even tells Tenten to think back to their previous experiences, and despite Tenten's words, they still have fun racing against each other in karts. That is, until Lee manages to cause them to crash.

Lee points out that he also set up a manga section and he and Gaara take a moment to read some manga. While Guy is happy that Lee is doing so well, Tenten isn't and keeps pointing out how wrong Lee is doing the things he chooses to do. Gaara meanwhile seems to be having a nice time. Tenten then points out all they have left to do is get Gaara something good to eat. Lee uses his experience by dressing everyone up for a co-ed party and it's explained that normally everyone starts off nervous, but asking about favorite foods is a good ice breaker. Tenten questions this by asking why Gaara is one of the girls and Lee explains he used his experiences from dressing Neji up.

They ask Gaara about what he would like and he informs them that he wanted to try the Saury. They set up a small fire to cook the dish and have Gaara try it. He likes it, much to everyone's joy and surprise. Soon the day comes to an end and he has to be leaving now. Gaara thanks everyone and mentions that he liked to try those new things. Tenten admits to being worried, while everyone else really wasn't. Guy compliments Lee on the wonderful job he did and Gaara returns home with a happy report for his siblings.

Once returned home, Temari and Gaara are shocked at Gaara's new hobbies.

Part 2: The Ultimate Autumn Diet!

Tenten is preparing for a brand new day when she notices how tight her pants feel as she struggles to shut them. Out of concern that she may have gained weight she quickly checks her scale, and much to her horror she has!

Tsunade calls for Guy and begins to inform him that there has been concern that his training techniques are too intense and harsh for the kunoichi and she asks him for more appropriate training. However, she also believes it has to do with his personality, but refuses to tell him so. Guy refuses to change his ideals until Tsunade claims only being harsh is the wrong thing to do. Sometimes women want simple kindness.

The four kunoichi in question (namely Tenten, Ino, Sakura and Hinata) are out when a waitress asks them if they would like anything. They all claim to be full, so they just order drinks. When Tenten accuses everyone of being on a diet, the girls react as she assumed they would and confronts them on it. They then reveal how many kilos they are up to and they point out how bad this is if the guys were to find out, given their lack of tact. They need to lose the extra weight and fast, but how can they do that? Hinata suggests they may need to be harsh, inspiring Tenten to think of Guy. They can have some special training from him. The other girls aren't too thrilled about the idea, but Tenten reminds them of what Kakashi said about his workouts from episodes back. Someone would burn a whole days worth of calories meeting with Guy first thing in the morning. So despite their initial refusal, all the girls agree on it.

The girls confront Guy and ask him to train them. Guy mentally thinks about this while trying to figure out what the heck is going on, given what Tsunade said. He fears the girls are doing this on purpose so that they can report him for it later on. Believing it to be a test, he agrees to train them and for their first exercise they'll do ten pushups. This makes the girls angry and they claim Guy is only making fun of them with such a simple exercise. They demand harsher, so he tries to make them do the exercise he and Lee normally do. Tenten complains about this as the others do it right away, but she eventually joins in.

As they take a break, Guy thinks about what Tsunade said again and decides to treat the girls to some ice cream to show how nice he can be to them. The girls really want the ice cream, but they all refuse it and ask to continue training. And so, Guy sets up another exercise for them while wondering if the girls are under a lot of pressure. So he considers asking Lee for help. Suddenly the guys come by with a whole bunch of nice snacks. Guy is sure the girl will appreciate this gesture but they all refuse them and claim they only want to train.

This leads Guy to start wondering if maybe he really did overthink things. So he decides he'll be as harsh as he can. They play volleyball while Guy encourages them to keep going and not to give in.  Guy is overjoyed that the girls finally understand his hot-blooded passion for training, though in reality they just want to be thinner. Then they go on a long sprint/run, eventually passing Guy with the burning intentions to drop all of the gained weight!

And so, the girls decide to check their weight again. Much to their amazement and elation, they have all lost the extra weight. Guy congratulates them and they even share a tearful hug with him. The guys also proceed to cry as they watch the scene before them, having been spying on them the whole time. As a reward, Guy takes the girls out to eat. But all of the girls are mortified to see the tasty morsels in front of them after having just reached their target weights.  Even worse, Lee, Neji and Naruto, who had also been invited, show no such hesitation and are clearly enjoying the feast.  Eventually, the ravenous kunoichi give in and begin to cram the food down their throats at unbelievable speed, while the boys look on in shock and disgust. And so, their autumn diet has ended in failure, along with any chances of Guy understanding the fickle nature of young women...


  • Yamato Cameos: 2
  • Mariko Kart is based on a real game series "Mario Kart".
  • After Tenten scolds Lee for his phony romance story, he can be seen playing a DS.
  • When Tenten steps onto her scale, one image depicted on it is Tonton.
  • When the girls talk about how much weight they have gained, a bird flies past their mouths in order to censor their weight gain. The bird becomes noticably more disturbed each time, as each girl had gained more weight than the last. By the time all four girls reveal their weight, the bird can be seen dead on the ground.


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