Episode 28
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Hunting for Mastsutake Mushrooms!
Lee and Neji Part Ways!

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Episode 28 was aired on October 9, 2012.


Part 1: Hunting for Matsutake Mushrooms!

Everyone goes to hunt for Matsutake Mushrooms but after a long, hot summer will they really find any?

Part 2: Lee and Neji Part Ways!

Neji has finally had enough coss-dressing and he turns his back on Lee.


Part 1: Hunting for Matsutake Mushrooms!

Autumn Matsutake
Lee thinks about the wonderful Matusutake mushroom dishes and autumn weather when it's revealed that everyone is on their way through the forest on a lovely autumn morning. Even their teachers seem to be in high spirits, along with Lee. As they walk, Tenten thinks she noticed something but when she turns back, nothing is there.

After a little while, there is no report on any Matsutake mushrooms. The person working there reveals that because of the really warm summer, they didn't really grow very many. In fact, they only have one. Even restraunts with Matsutake mushroom courses had to resort to ordering them out from foreign grocery stores. Tenten once again senses something or someone and this time she spots Hinata there. So she informs Neji and they approach her to ask why she is hiding behind the trees. Hinata tries to make an excuse but Tenten just finds it funny and she admits to having follow them. Hinata mentions that she saw everyone going to look and she had the day off as well. They looked like they were having a lot of fun, so she ended up following them.

Tenten points out that Hinata was really following Naruto. So she offers to help Hinata get a moment with him. She claims that it is up to Hinata if anything happens between the two of them, but it doesn't mean they couldn't help her overcome her shyness. They come back to the group and Naruto asks her why she's all the way out in the forest. Hinata claims she had come to do some laundry, after being told to act natural.

Eventually, everyone begins to talk about splitting up to do their own things, since they will have to go back home now. Tenten and Neji realize their plan is in trouble so they try to make Guy think of it as training in hopes of staying there long. Guy instead turns it into a contest and everyone begins. Before Hinata can talk with Naruto, he goes off with Sakura and Sai. Everyone then becomes extra motivated and inspired to win this contest even further, in order to help Hinata.

Unsure of a good strategy, and having to deal with Lee's goofy behavior, the team decide to go and check out everyone else and see what their strategies for trying to find mushrooms are. Naruto was using his rasengan to try to lift up multiple leaf's at once, while Ino uses her mind-transfer jutsu to have the wildlife surrounding them help. This inspires Lee to think like a Matsutake mushroom and he asks Neji and Hinata for help by dressing up as mushrooms. After Tenten scolds Lee for the stupid idea, Hinata burst into tears while telling off the Matsutake mushrooms for acting this way. She claims she's going to try to be brave and speak to Naruto when he suddenly shows up and asks her what she wanted to talk to him about, as well as asking them what their doing. Much to her shock, Hinata ends up going down the hill and collides with a tree. As she slowly gets up, she spots a Matsutake mushroom!

And so in the end, Hinata found the only mushroom. They divided it very thinly amongst everyone to make a meal out of it and Naruto compliments Hinata on a job well done. He then suddenly remembers something and compares her to Lee. As he notices her shock and despair at this statement, Neji attacks him!

Part 2: Lee and Neji Part Ways!

Lee, Tenten, and Neji interupt a robbery in progess and Lee tries to talk down the man, claiming he can turn his life around and stop this. He makes Neji cross-dress in hopes of encouraging the man but an angry Neji kicks Lee, causing him to knock out the man anyway. He has him arrested and Neji angrily laments how Lee keeps dressing him in woman's attire. He's very fed up with it and starts to rant before he takes his leave, claiming to be done with this silliness.

Later, Tenten and Lee are explaining the problem to Sakura and Naruto. Lee claims he never noticed how unhappy Neji was this entire time but Tenten finds this a little hard to believe, stating that for everything they ever had to do, he always complained but endured it anyway. Instead of just opting to fix it, Lee deicides to just give Neji more colorful roles. But everyone else suggests he just apologizes to Neji.

Unknown to them, Orochimaru and Kabuto are spying on them. They think about the many times they have been defeated by them. But instead of making a plan right away, their going to see to it that Lee will/can never fight them again...

Meanwhile, Neji is still angry. He comments on how mad he is when Hinata comes in to ask for a favor. She wants to stop being introverted and shy andow wants his help. He agrees right away, then she mentions how open she managed to be the other day when they had been searching for the mushrooms. She believes that if she cast herself into different roles and points by dressing up, she may be able to break out of her shell. So she wants him to become her acting partner!

Sadly Lee walks down a pathway when he runs into Orochimaru and Kabuto. Orochimaru is much more confident now that Lee is on his own. Lee tries to attack and very easily he seems to be winning, that is, until Orochimaru releases his own skit against Lee. This distracts him and remember his main goal. This also makes Orochimaru and Kabuto realize that without the stupid skits, he simply has lost motivation to fight.

Hinata and Neji have finished their little performance in the mean time. Neji believes the writing is awful bit Hinata is very happy and she ponts out she couldn't have made as much progress as she felt she did if it wasn't for his great acting. She thanks him for his help, then mentions that she needs to ask Lee and Tenten. When he asks why, she explains that because he has been with them, he's become a lot nicer. She then asks to go over the scene again but Neji claims he has something to do and he takes off.

Orochimaru decides it is time to finish the fight when Neji, still dressed as a bottle of mayonaise shows up. He tells Lee he can easily beat Orochimaru and offers to help out. They share a momentary hug, causing the mayonaise to squirt from the bottle, allowing them to temporarily blind Orochimaru and send him flying!

As Lee cries while clinging to Neji, an aggitated Sakura, Naruto, and Tenten stand behind them. The following day, another bank robbery occures and they proceed to do the same thing by having him dress up as the bad man's mother, much to Neji's regret.


  • Yamato Cameos: 3
  • This episode introduces the new eye catches and opening screens, adding Tenten and Neji.
  • During this episode, a lot of characters seem off-model or oddly drawn as specific points.
  • At the very first mention of being angry, Tenten lacks her gloves. It happens again as Neji walks away, and when Tenten asks Lee if he really didn't notice how unhappy Neji was.


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