Episode 27
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My First Five-Star Sushi!
Friendship, Effort, and Victory!

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Episode 27 was aired on Octorber 2, 2012.


Part 1: My First Five-Star Sushi!

Tsunade promises to take Lee and everyone out for five-star sushi after she wins the lottery. But after she realizes she really didn't win, she needs Guy and Kakashi's help.

Part 2: Friendship, Effort, and Victory!

Lee and his friends come back to the school to help Iruka deal with his disobediant students by performing a show for them.


Part 1: My First Five-Star Sushi!

Tsunade invites Lee, Tenten, and Neji to join her for some food. While they consider their options, Lee is focused on getting to sit right by the bar, as a sign of maturing and being an adult. When Naruto and his friends come by, Lee reveals to them why he's so excited for tomorrow.

Meanwhile on her way to cash in the ticket, Tsunade stops to overlook her ticket again. Suddenly, a gust of wind causes a small piece of the numbering to fly off, revealing to actually be a speck of dirt. Tsunade didn't win the lottery, the dirt on the card mislead her into thinking she did by showing a completely different number. So now she's worried that if she tells them the truth, they'll be disappointed and upset with her. In the midst of her panic, Tsunade suddenly gets an idea to make a party and invite everyone along to somewhere much cheaper. While she checks her money pouch, Lee shows up to ask if it would be okay to invite a few others along with them....

A little while later, Kakashi and Guy find her angrily scolding herself in the middle of the street. She explains to them what happened, then brings up that she has to trick everyone without causing any damage to her reputation as a Hokage. Kakashi tries to point out something, but Guy goes on to say that tricking them will be fine.

So when the following day comes and everyone heads to the Sushi joint, they are interupted by Kakashi and Guy dressed as sushi vendors. They tell everyone that they are too young to sit at the bar, so they may as well just get over it and wait until their older. Much to their disappointment however, they refuse to do so. So the older men decide to test them, if they can prove their serious about this and pass their test, they will be acknowledged as adult ninja. For the test, everyone has to sit at the bar, order, eat, and leave. Everyone assumes this will be easy, and Sakura decides to go first. She sits down and has the same thing as her "boss", leading to her failing. It's later revealed that this is because it's impolite to order expensive things if a boss is treating.

Next, Konohamaru tries but he fails since he forgot to ask them to hold the wasabi. Neji attempts to try by using his Byakugan to see if there's wasabi inside. But he's thrown off course when Guy pretends to be his girlfriend and orders a super expensive meal. He fails during his stress over the price and ordering something cheap to balance it out. Tenten goes next and she is sure she'll do fine, since money isn't an object to her. But she fails after struggling to eat seeing a child next to her that really wants the food she has.

Now it's down to Naruto and Lee. Naruto isn't at all threatened by the traps and he plans to go next by using his Shadow Clone Jutsu in order to fill the entire bar. But Guy and Kakashi counter-punch him and his clones right out of the area. It's down to Lee. Kakashi suggests they just settle for conveyor belt sushi, which was Tsunade's plan anyway. Lee is struck with an idea and he asks for lean tuna before jumping up to unleash an attack, causing him to spin around. Guy compares this to a sushi conveyor belt rotating as Lee manages to get the piece of sushi he ordered, and eat it. This means Lee has passed the test!

Tsunade fears over the cost, now that Lee has passed. But he reveals that he wants to hold off sitting at the sushi bar until he's truly an adult. He's more comfortable at a conveyor belt sushi place. Everyone agrees with this, so Tsunade offers to treat them to it... but everyone was so hungry, it made up the cost anyway...

Part 2: Friendship, Effort, and Victory!

Everyone is walking through the village after a long afternoon of training. As they try to think of something to do, they notice Iruka-sensei deep in thought and they approach him, trying to see what the problem is. He reveals that once a week he teaches the lower grade ninja and most of them are spoiled, don't listen, and act ignorant. If he scolds or yells at them they start crying and then he has to deal with their angry mothers. If he does badly during the upcoming open house then he'll get into big trouble. He doesn't know what to do. Lee suggests they come in again to teach the students, like they did episodes back. Iruka is unsure, pointing out that the children were raised to do whatever they pleased so they don't care about friendship or effort, only victory. With this in mind he takes his leave.

After she thinks it over for a moment, Tenten gets an idea and tells them they just need to use victory as a foundation of teaching them the joys of teamwork and effort. But she doesn't know how to go about doing this, so they go to ask Guy for some help.

And the day of open house comes. The parents watch as Iruka teaches the students, but they refuse to listen and just chat amongst themselves instead. The mothers threaten Iruka, claiming the work not to be hard enough while the other mom claims she'll go report his lowsy job to the board of the school. Suddenly Ino, Tenten, and Sakura run in while claiming their under attack. Shikamaru and Choji come in, dressed like bad guys to try to scare everyone. The mom's demand Iruka does something when suddenly everyone comes in dressed like hero's to save the class. Neji and Naruto do momentary narrative when Iruka questions just what on earth they're doing.

The guys "transform" but they start to fight since most of them want to be the red hero. Neji meanwhile, is upset because he's the pink heroine. The white themed hero, Sai, points out that the only spare costume is red as well. So Neji picks it, much to the shock of Tenten, and the anger of everyone else. All almost seems right when it turns out they still need a yellow hero...

After some arguing, they finally seem to get it right and resume the fight by surronding Shikamaru. Using the power of teamwork, they all fight against Shikamaru, who willingly falls over and claims to give up. Sakura yells at them for performing such a pointless event to begin with. Lee informs them their not finished yet however, as they still have to deal with the boss. It's then revealed they completely forgot all about the boss and never got someone to play him. So everyone turns on Neji suddenly!

Naruto reveals things are getting way out of hand and the mothers are getting very annoyed and fussy. Iruka begins to worry again and hopes the group can at least teach the kids something...

Lee sees his concern and thinks about it but just for a minute. He reveals the true bad guys to be the monster parents! Much to the mothers shock, Lee explains that a mother who flies into an uncontrollable rage is scarier then any true, evil boss. However, this just angers the girls and they all attack the guys instead. Everyone is shocked at first, but then they all begin to clap and cheer for the girls.

Later on, a disappointed Iruka is walking along the hallways when the angry mothers confront him. They apologize and claim to have learned something from him today. They learned that they just let their children run around and do as they please, they need disciplined sometimes. And so, because of Lee and his friends, the students of the academy started to like a new word: Punchlines!


  • Yamato Cameos: 2
  • As everyone poses while Tenten gives her explanation of teamwork and effort, the area behind Neji's left eye is gray instead of white.


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