Episode 26
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The Green Flame, Dodge Lee!
The Yes-Man Says No!

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Episode 26 was aired on September 25, 2012.


Part 1: The Green Flame, Dodge Lee!

Everyone competes together in a dodgeball tournament and at first Lee doesn't take it seriously.

Part 2: The Yes-Man Says No!

Kabuto storms off and leaves Orochimaru behind after fighting with him. He then decides to join Lee's group but can he pass their tests?


Part 1: The Green Flame, Dodge Lee!

Guy informs everyone they will be playing a game of dodgeball. Lee isn't very happy about it, pointing out that he just never got into the game. Guy tries to pump Lee up by explaining how useful a game of Dodgeball can be, by showing him the basics of playing it and explaining things to him. But Lee is still convinced this is just silly and accidentally beams Guy right in the face. After Guy attacks Lee in response, scolding him for letting down his guard, Lee slowly grows into the spirit needed to play the game! Though Tenten and Neji don't really understand Guy's method behind this.

That following day, everyone is ready to play some Dodgeball. It's Team Guy versing Team Ebisu. Shizune asks Tsunade for her opinion on this, to which she bets Ebisu's team will win. As Lee tries to visualize the game, Tenten is forced to shield him from the ball. She scolds him for it and when Konohamaru uses the sexy jutsu, they manage to score a point and knock Lee out. Neji retaliates and manages to knock everyone out on team Ebisu's side. So now it's Team Guy versus Team Kurenai. Team Guy manages to win yet again after Lee is knocked out. Bringing them right to the finals. It's team guy versus Team Kakashi.

Lee is a little concerned, due to the fact he keeps messing up and everyone else keeps showing how talented they are. He doesn't like this, but is struggling to understand what Guy means when he keeps telling him to visualize. Shizune asks Tsunade who she thinks will win but it turns out she listening to horse race broadcasts. Naruto uses his clones and rasengan in order to eliminate Tenten from the game. Then while Neji tries to concentrate and find the ball, Sai comes out of nowhere and simply taps him with the ball...

It's all up to Lee and he struggles but suddenly realizes what he needs to do now! Lee performs the drunk fist while Naruto unleashes a whole bunch of Rasengans with the ball somewhere in them. Neji and Tenten are confused since it didn't work previously. It's then Lee spots the ball and he dodges the balls. Tenten points out how this doesn't make any sense when Lee suddenly grabs the ball coming at him and prepares to unleash it right back at Team Kakashi with Guy's help. They manage to win, but they have accidentally brought a whole lot of destruction to the location of the tournament and knocked everyone out except for the two of them.

As the episode comes to an end, Lee finally understands and tells Guy this...

Part 2: The Yes-Man Says No!

Kabuto comes running to Orochimaru to find him on the ground underneath a big basket while dressed in strange attire. Kabuto comments on how he messed up when Orochimaru complains that he doesn't need to be lectured by someone weaker then him. Angrily Kabuto states with how many times Orochimaru fails, he may be better off on his own. Orochimaru doesn't see this as a real threat however and insults Kabuto. So both men angrily storm off.

Later on, Team Guy is walking along the forest pathway when they find a gloomy Kabuto talking to a little human statue. Everyone assumes he's there to attack the village, but they notice his strange behavior when they confront him. Neji warns him that because Kabuto is their enemy, they can't automatically assume their safe just yet. Lee admits that he's still worried however. So everyone goes to sit down with a snack after Lee offers to talk with him. Kabuto explains that he's tired of how Orochimaru treats him, as well as the fact he uses his powers as a shinobi so badly, so Kabuto asks if he could join Lee's team. With enough of a sob story, they decide to let him join them. Unaware that Kabuto really has an evil plan on how to trick them, then slaughter them once their guards are down in order to show Orochimaru how powerful he is and can be.

Neji voices his concerns however, stating that originally Kabuto had been a double agent. So he doesn't think they can trust him. In hopes of proving he's changed, Kabuto deletes everything that even remotely has Orochimaru in or on it, such as his cellphone pictures and contacts. Tenten is still in doubt but Lee thinks they should give him a chance, thinking it would help Kabuto. So they all agree, despite someone's judgement. Kabuto can't believe how easy this was, when Lee fills him in on a few things.

Like taking a test in order to apply for the role of being in the group. As Kabuto is asked to come into the interview room, he sees Orochimaru there. They angrily realize that they will be against each other this time, as Orochimaru has managed to deduce what Kabuto's plans were. At first it seems Orochimaru will win, due to knowing how to read the trio, but at a last minute switch, Kabuto manages to beat him with the final interview question. However, after Orochimaru gives a heartfelt speech, Kabuto quits in order to be with him again, thinking Orochimaru really cares about him. After revealing his intentions to the group, Orochimaru starts laughing and mocks Kabuto for being stupid enough to admit his plans. This makes Kabuto enough that they start fighting again. But eventually Tenten gets fed up and sends them both flying.


  • Yamato Cameos: 1
  • Most of the ninja in this episode are ninja that appeared in earlier episodes. Like the female ninja and her body guards from Episode 3, and the ninja imitating Neji in Episode 20.
  • When Moegi is shown to be down after Neji strikes, the very end of her right foot is shown to be the same color as her boot, when it should be skin colored like her other foot.


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