Episode 25
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Gaara's First Crush!
A Gift From Orochimaru!

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Episode 25 was aired on September 18, 2012.


Part 1: Gaara's First Crush!

Gaara is acting strange and after they notice his forehead marking has changed since previously, their led to believe he has a crush on somebody, but the question is: who?!

Part 2: A Gift From Orochimaru!

Lee is given a suspicious gift that threatens to blow up if he stops moving at all, or if Neji crossdresses or if Tenten overreacts!


Part 1: Gaara's First Crush!

The narrator and Team Guy have been following Gaara around, thinking something is different about him. Suddenly, Lee notices the character on his forehead has changed. It doesn't say Love anymore, but Romance! He hasn't changed in the least bit other then the character on his forehead. He's in love with someone, but they have no idea who it could possibly be. Tenten points out that it has to be someone in the village since he came there, causing Lee to worry the genre of the series has changed due to a lack of catching on with the viewers. As team guy discuss what to do about this idea, it's revealed that the mysterious figure isn't really Gaara at all, but Orochimaru!

He explains that because Team Guy has to be careful around the Kazekage/Gaara, he can easily do as he pleases until a shot opens and he can attack/kill Team Guy. He puts his mask back on while questioning where the three young ninja went off to, as he had been waiting for them to approach him...

Meanwhile in the "Gaara love assistance planning HQ", the group is in the middle of trying to determine Gaara's love interest. Tenten is flattered over the idea that it may be her, while Neji ends up very angry thinking it may possibly be Hinata. Tenten then points out that maybe the lucky girl is Lady Tsunade, but they point out how huge the age gap is between them. Suddenly, Lee gains inspiration and claims that maybe Gaara fell in love with someone the last time they had met up. So he believes Gaara accidentally fell in love with Neji, thinking he was really a girl. 

This idea infuriates Tenten but Lee points out that no matter what they need to handle the situation carefully and he suggests they dress Neji up to go on a group date with Gaara. A very confused Orochimaru agrees but only because he has no idea what is going on...

And so, Tenten and Lee slowly trail behind Gaara and Neji as they enjoy their date. Tenten simply asks why they couldn't have just made Neji tell Gaara the truth to begin with, but Lee claims that men have fragile hearts, so a flat-out refusal would be really hard for him to deal with. So instead, he's going to take them places where people are bound to break up, in hopes of making Gaara simply lose interest in Neji.

Meanwhile, Kabuto spots them and he notices the wrong character on Gaara's forehead. So as the group leave the dock area and Lee tries to initiate his next plan involving sitting down to eat Takoyaki. He explains that if Neji looks unattractive to Gaara, he'll want to break up with him. Neji is against this but Lee tries to force him to get the Takoyaki seaweed all over his teeth. He then also adds some other ugly features like nose hairs. At first, the moment is awkward while Lee tries to "help out". And while this is going on Orochimaru realizes he didn't think this entire plan through. He doesn't know how to react to this...

Kabuto shows up and they begin to speak about the wrong character on his forehead. But before they can finish, the trio approach them and they notice the character has changed from "Romance" to "Odd". But this is wrong too, which Kabuto points out. So they try again, this time giving him the word "Forget". Kabuto points out how wrong this is also, then says they need a word like "Romance" but with deeper meaning. Which Orochimaru misinterprets and puts the word "Fish/Tuna", then he tries again and puts "sex". While Tenten is very happy about this response, Neji begs not to have to do anything... risky...

They try again to get the word "grandchild". While the trio are busy discussing this new idea, Kabuto points out that they can use this to get whatever they want, since they just keep doing whatever character shows up on his forehead. So Orochimaru begins to think about his plans and what his manipulation will lead to. But he doesn't know just how he can do this with just a single character. Upon realizing its impossible, he almost has a minor meltdown until Kabuto gets an idea. They write down what Orochimaru wants, but put it into a triangular shape so that it looks like encoded text. Neji uses his Byakugan abilities to read the whole plan out to the trio...

Tenten points out that he must be Orochimaru at this point. Out of shock, the mask falls off and he ditches the costume before taking off with Kabuto. Much to Neji's relief...

Part 2: A Gift From Orochimaru!

Lee wakes up one morning to find a strange wrapped present on the bed-side table. At first curious, he changes his mind upon thinking it's a real present from Sakura. Lee reveals what the present is after opening it while he goes to train. Recognizing it as an excersise tool, he puts it onto his head while complimenting Sakura on the wonderful job she did. He then begins to excersise, unaware of it's true nature as Sakura and Naruto approach. When Lee thanks Sakura, she assures him it isn't from her. Lee has no idea who could have gave it to him when suddenly Orochimaru appears from the water nearby!

He reveals it was from him and if Lee stops training, or removes it, it'll explode. Sakura and Naruto run back to town in order to get help and contact his team. They find Neji wearing a strange pair of sunglasses from Tenten, but she approaches to tell them she didn't send them to him. Then she reveals the hat Naruto got for her, but he claims he didn't send her anything either. He reveals the hat to be rigged with chakra that will explode if she overreacts, and Neji's sunglasses will explode if he crossdresses. Neji isn't as upset about hearing this but everybody else reacts as assumed. They go back to tell Lee what happened when Sakura points out the biggest concern is Lee's health. While they just have to avoid doing something, he has to keep going until it eventually kills him.

As Lee resumes training, convinced he could keep going for at least a week, the group try to figure out how they could possibly defuse the bomb. Sakura points out that there is some training he could do to conserve energy also, like flower arrangement. At first it's fine but Lee doesn't like such a slow pace, so he gets up and resumes excercising. Naruto then suggests they have Lee pop bubble wrapping, then try to lick a jawbreaker.  At this point, Tenten and Neji are beginning to get upset and frustrated. The narrator offers to help, seeing how upset everybody is. He then explains he used to be part of a comedy team, so he'll be fine.

This doesn't really help anybody and Neji tries to use his Byakugen to take a closer look at the bomb, only for the view to be way too dark from the sunglasses. He goes to remove them, not thinking at first as Tenten yells at him for doing this. Then they both begin to panic thinking they'll explode while Lee keeps training and Sakura and Naruto duck for cover.

As Orochimaru appears again, just waiting for them to explode, Kabuto shows up with a bunch of explosive tags and it's revealed that Orochimaru gave them the gifts without waiting for the bombs to be put inside...

The group angrily grabs Kabuto and Orochimaru and ties them up, surrounding them with a bunch of bombs set to go off whenever Orochimaru thinks up his next stupid plan!


  • Yamato Cameos: 2
  • When Kabuto sees Neji and "Gaara" through his binoculars, "Gaara" lacks the dark, black lining around his eyes.


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