Episode 24
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I'm Sai's New Agent
Win Lady Tsunade's Heart

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Episode 24 was aired on September 11, 2012.


Part 1: I'm Sai's New Agent

During the culture festival Lee thinks Sai wants to stand out more so he tries to help him out...

Part 2: Win Lady Tsunade's Heart

The Mr. Leaf Village contest is coming up and Lee is dying to win so that he can take Sakura to the town's fanciest restaurant.


Part 1: I'm Sai's New Agent

Team Guy and Team Kakashi are walking through the culture festival grounds when Lee notices Sai doesn't seem to be having so much fun. They figure he must be upset by something and Lee decides he is going to help Sai out since he thinks Sai is probably jealous over how much he stands out, though Tenten informs him that he only gets attention because of his idiotic tendencies. However, the other guys seem to think that perhaps Sai does feel like that, but while the girls don't think so, they're forced to follow along anyway. The guys first drag Sai to the band performance going on where Lee proceeds to dress Sai up, give him a wig, and use loads of stage makeup to make him stand out.

However, due to their competitive ways, the three of them stand out much more in comparison then he does and eventually the crowd throw a riot, as well as an angry Hinata, Shino, and Kiba...

After Tenten inspires Lee, he drags everybody to the Maid Cafe and reveals to have dressed Sai in a cute girls uniform. As well as Neji and Naruto in hopes of comforting him. However, Naruto is revealed to be very clumsy and Lee ends up insulting Ino and all of the female workers. Sai is then told to take a shot at it but he only infuriates the girls worse, along with the customers. Lee is quite happy by this but Tenten scolds him for this idiotic attempt and Ino and the others beat them up!

Once again Lee gets another idea, this time he has got Sai to perform at the scary, haunted house. Lee comments on how perfect Sai would be in here, but it doesn't really make him stand out any more. Everyone leaves and Sai asks them to stop bothering him by leaving him out of whatever ideas they may get from this point on. But Lee instead yells at him and calls him a lazy person. Sai takes a moment to think about what Lee says and he reveals that he actually would like to take part in a play based on Momotaro that is being held. So everyone heads over to the play area to check it out.

During the play, the guys attack Shizune and knock her out, allowing Sai to take over the role as Momotaro. The guys attack Tsunade as she comes onto the stage and realizes what they're trying to do. But their attacks are no match for her own skill and strength, so she takes them down pretty easily. Sai seems ready to attack her but it's revealed he was attacking the rogue ninja that have snuck around the entire time in the culture festival. Sai reveals he had known about them for a while now as the others dragged him around everywhere, and since they had been looking for Tsunade he decided to take Lee's advice and hit them head on. Tsunade congradulates him while everybody else in the audience cheers.

Back outside, Lee apologizes for what he said to Sai and he mentions how much Sai stood out back there. When he questions him on it, Lee tries to make him admit that he wanted to be the center of attention like himself. Sai claims he didn't and instead says he had been concerned about the annoyances Lee would cause him. However, he does think it was a little fun.

Meanwhile, the girls are beyond ticked off at the guys for suffering like that the entire day because of a misunderstanding.

Part 2: Win Lady Tsunade's Heart

While trying to figure out what to do next, the group find Lee set on entering the main event of the final night during the culture festival, the Mr. Leaf Village Contest. Both Lee and Naruto want to enter now as Lee goes on to picture it. And in the process they infuriate Neji so he decides to enter and try to prove how manly he is. Come time, the three of them find out Choji entered as well in hopes of winning the tickets for himself. There is a massive crowd as Shizune announces the theme of the contest and that the first event is fashion.

Choji reveals his outfit, which Tsunade generally likes. Shikamaru reveals they spent a week in order to find the perfect XXL-size outfit. Next they have Neji, but he's compared to a girl and Tsunade finds it hard to take him seriously. Naruto believes natural is best but has mistaken the concept behind it. Finally, it's Lee's turn but he dresses up as a Leggy Ant, thinking it would impress the date but it turned out to just be a bad pun. So next they are going to attempt the pick-up line. Choji does great by offering her tickets to go with him to a well-known bakery, then Neji tries by giving her a bouquet of flowers but he ruins it when he mentions her age. Naruto starts out strong but he ruins it because he's trying to say it to Tsunade. Finally, Lee tries but he says many age oriented insults and a break is sceduled in.

Tenten talks to Lee and she tries to give him a pep talk seeing how much he wants it. This convinces him to keep trying, unknown that someone had been watching and the break ends. The final event is confessions. At the end of the first date when the guy admits how he truly feels! Choji goes first but he accidentally ruins it with bad manners, much to the surprise of Tenten. Next Neji attempts it but when he tells her she would have to have the same face as the other Hyuga, it ruins his chances. Naruto tries next but Tsunade is unimpressed by his dirty home, but Naruto doesn't think this is an excuse. Lee is also ruined when he acts too clingy and it grosses Tsunade out.

After they all accidentally hit her, Tenten comes out of nowhere and attacks them. Tsunade assures her she is okay, then announces the winner of the contest: Tenten.

Tsunade informs Tenten that she is had done so much to protect and help her. So out of everyone, she'd rather date her much to the shock of Naruto and Co. Tsunade then angrily begins to attack the guys as the episode comes to an end.


  • Yamato Cameos: 4
  • At the Culture Festival, Team Kurenai sings an altered version of the opening theme.