Episode 23
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Naruto is Lee and Lee is Naruto!
I Dream of Walking with the Nine-tails!

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Episode 23 was aired on September 4, 2012.


Part 1: Naruto is Lee and Lee is Naruto!

After Ino catches Naruto and Lee trying to spy on Sakura she accidentally misfires her mind-transfer jutsu and causes them to swap bodies!

Part 2: I Dream of Walking With the Nine-tails!

Lee and Naruto remain swapped, but now Team Guy and Team Kakashi are on a joint mission and Sakura must not find out what happened to Naruto and Lee!


Part 1: Naruto is Lee and Lee is Naruto!

Naruto comes by to find Lee moping and asks him about it. Lee explains that a theft occured earlier and Guy managed to help the woman from it, but he started to think about how Guy can use nin-jutsu and he can't. Naruto doesn't understand why it matters and he points out that Lee's hand-to-hand combat is off the charts because he can't perform jutsu. As Lee begins to talk they spot Sakura heading to the bath house and quickly follow behind her in order to spy on the girl. Ino spots them on her way to the bath and upon being spotted by her, they both try to lie and claim they were peeping on Sakura to help her but she doesn't buy it. When they suddenly yell at her, a panicked Ino yells at them to shut up but she accidentally uses her mind-body reversal jutsu on them!

The guys quickly notice they have switched bodies and they demand to be turned back to normal. But Ino informs them that it's a secret technique from her clan that targets two people and switches their bodies. She also points out that it uses too much chakra and she won't be able to change them back until she recovers. Naruto decides he'll use his tranformation jutsu to return to normal, but he suddenly remembers that Lee can't perform ninjutsu. However, Lee decides to try it out in Naruto's body and suddenly transforms into a pretty boy version of himself. He wants to tell everyone but Naruto points out they can't or else they will know they were spying on Sakura while she was in the bath house!

They have no choice but to wait and hide until Ino recovers...

And so, come night time the guys decide they want to try out each others skills and are quite amazed by the turn of events and they begin to wonder what would happen if Sakura would switch bodies with others but they all end quite painfully until Naruto tells Lee to knock it off. 

The following day, the guys begin to discuss how different they feel compared to normal when Sakura approaches. She had been looking for Naruto and Lee to inform them of a join mission both Team Kakashi and Team Guy were to do together. As they walk through the town, Tenten and Neji show up and happily begin to speak to Lee but he's not acting much like himself today and they question it until Naruto realizes that he needs to act more like Lee would in order to pass as him. Kakashi and Guy show up just then and Guy challanges Kakashi to a contest but he refuses, claiming he'd hate to embaress him in front of his students.

This makes "Naruto" suddenly very upset and he claims Guy would win as he hugs him. Much to Kakashi's apparent shock and surprise. Meanwhile, Guy asks Lee to join them in their hug when he sees "Lee" choosing ramen over him. The teachers quickly get to work explaining the mission. Rogue ninja plan to attack the village and have gone hidden in the forest, so it's up to them to rid of the ninja!

End of Part 1

Part 2: I Dream of Walking with the Nine-tails!

The two teams have managed to track down the rogue ninja and both Lee and Naruto want to show off and see what other skills they can do, but this causes them to mess up greatly and recieve repeated scoldings. Even the rogue ninja snap at them to get more serious. Eventually Kakashi points out that clearly both Lee and Naruto aren't themselves today and he advises them to just stay back while everybody else fights. This makes them both feel badly when someone suddenly asks "Naruto" if he would like to be lent power.

Lee realizes it's coming from the nine tails inside of Naruto's body and he begins to speak to it. The nine tails asks to be released but Lee refuses before he offers it a matching outfit, and a rubber dog bone. After both attempts fail, Lee tries to tell it a touching story but it's quickly denied to go on any longer and it's revealed that because of the mind-swap the seal has weakened causing the power to seap out and change "Naruto".

It is then pointed out his eyebrows have grown, instead of gaining any tails and Kakashi warns them that they must quickly stop him. Lee feels a certain amount of pain from this transformation and he incidentally insults the nine tails. When he suddenly gets up and clings to Guy, Tenten and the others believe Naruto is attacking him and they are quick to knock him out and re-seal the nine tails from within Naruto. But they have to get back to the main problem now, the rogue ninja. Everyone is forced to retreat for now but when they all run, Sakura accidentally falls from the cliff and ends up wounding the side of her leg and she can't get up. The rogue ninja surround her and threaten to kill her since she saw them. Sakura knows she could heal herself, but she doesn't have enough time to do it.

But right before they get her, both Lee and Naruto have shown up. They start to talk as if their fine, but Sakura seems to manage to figure out they're really each other when they end their statements and decide to work together to take down the rogue ninja. On top of the cliff, the others have managed to take down the rogue ninja and they run over to the cliff to see Naruto and Lee performing Rasen Shu-Lee-Ken!

After defeating the rogue ninja, both Naruto and Lee compliment each other and happily start to laugh... that is, until everybody is shown to be standing nearby, apparently having figured out what happened to them...

That night, everyone goes to Ino to ask her to change them back to normal. Sakura has beaten them up when she found out how they got it, to which Ino says it served them right. She then informs then she can change them back to normal though, since her chakra is fully recovered. Ino begins to perform it when she suddenly trips over a nearby part on the ground, causing her to accidentally hit everybody with mass mind-body reversal jutsu. Neji turned into Sakura, Guy turned into Neji, Kakashi turned into Tenten, Tenten turned into Guy, Sakura turned into Kakashi, Ino turned into Sai, Sai turned into Ino. Ino apologizes for tripping and once again, they will be forced to wait a couple of days for her chakra to restore itself.


  • Yamato Cameos: 1
  • The "Monroe jutsu" is based on a well known scene performed originally by Marilyn Monroe. This is also the second time a windy updraft has occurred to Sakura.
  • The skit of Lee and the Nine Tails in the Antarctic where the Nine tails is called Taro is a reference to a real life expedition in which, after eleven months of being left on their own, researchers returned to find two of their husky dogs miraculously still alive.