Episode 21
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A Hot Night for a Chilling Tale
The Hokage Tears aren't for Decoration!

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Episode 21 was aired on August 21, 2012.


A Hot Night for a Chilling Tale

Everyone is given the task of trying to cool off without the use of an air conditioner, inspiring them to tell creepy ghost stories!

The Hokage Tears Aren't For Decoration!

Lee and Konohamaru try to solve one of the seven mysteries of the leaf village. What is the secret behind the mysterious tears shed by the 3rd hokage's monument?


Part 1: A Hot Night for a Chilling Tale

Everyone is sitting around while trying to deal with the heatwave suddenly overcoming the leaf village, when Konohamaru suggests they try to find air conditioning. Neji is somewhat concerned and mentions that it isn't very ninja like of them if they would have to rely on it, so Lee tries to help by spinning around with two fans to blow enough air on everyone. The ninja seem content, but soon realize that Lee is covered with sweat.

Tenten manages to get him to stop and Guy arrives with news of a new training exercise he is sure to cool them down: Ghost story training.

So come evening, everyone meets inside the empty school building and Lee is asked to go first. He claims his story happened just few days ago. Tenten asks if it's the rumoured tape that kills its victims a week later after they watch it, but he claims it has nothing to do with that and resumes his story. It took place on a dark and stormy night. He had finally begun to clean his room, when he found an old VHS tape in his closet and pulled it out. That tape was one he rented and hadn't returned in over three years.

He ends the story, stating that he fears for the fees related to this incident, but when he's informed that isn't the type of scare they were looking for, Lee pulls out a joke book. He tries to tell another story but fails again. Tenten informs him a scary story needs ghosts and monsters, so next it's Naruto's turn. One late night he had been in the bathroom when he heard a sad voice, then turned to see the third hokage's statue crying. Everyone is freaked out until Lee reveals that had actually been his own fault. He had been there doing pull ups, so he had been sweating a lot.

Next it's Konohamaru's turn, but his story fizzles out when it turns out to be Lee's fault too. Sakura goes next, where she reveals that she doesn't have a story, but a picture instead. She shows it of them when they had gone to the beach and points out the mysterious yellow shape in the group photo. However, once again, it's Lee's fault. Everyone begins to grow annoyed, when Guy gives Tenten a shot. She begins, stating that Tsunade told her the story. If you go into the girls bathroom and look into the third mirror at exactly 3:33 am, you'll see someone else's face. This effectively freaks everybody out, but when Guy sees the time he gives them a courage test. So now they have to go and see for themselves. Everyone is less then happy about this, and they want to turn around, but they have no choice.

They reach the girls bathroom and head straight towards the mirror. However, nothing happens when they go to look. Tenten points out that Tsunade was sure she happened to see something though. It's then Lee is suddenly inspired and points out that she probably saw her own face, but without makeup and it scared her. Unfortunately, Tsunade happens to be in the bathroom at the time and she beats Lee up as a result.

Everyone, plus Tsunade, returns to the classroom again when it's said that Neji still hasn't told a story yet. So he is given the last turn and begins to tell everyone his own scary story. However, he realizes he doesn't know any, but the others encourage him to try his best. So he decides to tell them the story of a wolf-man he was told as a child. He barely gets into the story and quickly manages to freeze everyone with his really cold joke of a story.

Part 2: The Hokage Tears aren't for Decoration!

The episode begins with a Pop Quiz and review of the previous cartoon. The narrator asks if the viewers noticed anything strange during the story and the review slows down as Naruto is re-telling his scary story. Outside currently, everyone is trying to determine if the Hokage statue really was crying or not. Neji points out that it's one of the "Seven mysteries of the leaf" that they were taught back at the academy. Konohamaru then claims he wants to solve this mystery to put an end to it, once and for all. Neji wonders if maybe the statue is trying to tell them something, when Tsunade suddenly appears. She claims to have seen the Third Hokage statue acting strange when she had gone to the bathroom. She explains that the eyes were glowing.

As they resume speaking, Naruto sees the eye of the statue moving, but nobody believes him, while the narrator reveals that this isn't any paranormal activity at all. It's revealed to actually be Orochimaru who did it to spy on Lee and his friends, then strike when they seem at their weakest. The tears are revealed to then just be from the restroom they built in their base, which is why it looks to be crying.

Everyone then runs away, but Konohamaru suggests they go and check it out. Everyone begins to rock climb on the statue. However, they find nothing suspicious, other then why Lee is really sweaty and the fact he found something inside. So Naruto, Lee, Tenten, Neji, and Konohamaru grab their flashlights and began to examine the strange caverns located in the statue. As they do so, Orochimaru notices them and tries to scare them off, first by throwing konjac in their faces, then putting out boiling water in tubs with bath salt. They keep going until a tape suddenly falls down before them.

As Neji and Lee grow somewhat perverted regarding the make-out tactics video, Tenten tries to keep it away from them, but an unhappy Konohamaru complains about this so-called adventure. Orochimaru just has one final plan in mind and he uses a button to bring down two metal walls seperating the group from Konohamaru. They tell him to go and get Guy and the others but he is stopped by Orochimaru and Kabuto.

Suddenly, small little blue fireballs form, along with a spirit belonging to the third Hokage. The blue fire suddenly sends the two of them flying as Konohamaru realizes the spirit was his grandfather. As the others are given a small lecture for what happened, Konohamaru is thinking about his grandfather and tells him to keep watching him and see him become a great Hokage.


  • Yamato Cameos: 4
  • Orochimaru references Pokémon when he says, "We're blasting off again!"

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