Episode 20
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I want to be friends with Gaara!
The Impostor Rock Lee Strikes!

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Episode 19 was aired on August 14, 2012.


I Want To Be Friends With Gaara!

Team Guy is visiting the Hidden Sand Village and Tenten and Neji fear Lee may still be upset regarding his loss against Gaara.

The Impostor Rock Lee Strikes!

A Rock Lee impostor is running around and it's up to Team Guy to find him and stop his trouble-making ways!


Part 1: I want to be friends with Gaara!

Team Guy is sent on a mission to Sunagakure. On their way to the village, a wave of sand nears them, but it is revealed to be Gaara, who had mistaken Team Guy for intruders. Lee attempts to greet him, but is ignored. Gaara brings Team Guy to his office and explains that he had called them here for aid with rogue ninja, explaining there was a rumor of rogue ninja infiltrating the village. After Gaara finishes speaking, both Neji and Tenten note Lee's strange behavior. In an attempt to ease tension between Lee and Gaara, Guy organizes the 138th annual Leaf vs. Sand Alliance Building Barbacue Cook-off. However, this and many other plans fail.

Directly after, Gaara spots several rogue ninja. In the battle, Lee is accidentally injured, due to being hit by Guy. Gaara orders him to cease fighting, but Lee refuses. Lee reveals that he does not hate Gaara because he defeated him, but his loss encouraged him to strive to become better. Lee and Gaara are able to conjoin their attacks and defeat the enemies.

Part 2: The Impostor Rock Lee Strikes!

Lee, Tenten and Neji return from a mission, but soon notice that the village and its inhabitants seem to be avoiding them, Lee in particular. Neji comes to the conclusion that someone must have been impersonating Lee, causing him to gain a bad reputation. With Naruto's help, the group sets up a skit portraying a female Neji being harassed in hopes of luring the impostor to the scene on a mountain and spot a middle-aged person. Soon, Tenten attacks what appears the impostor, but it is revealed that Tenten had just hit the actual Lee. Directly after, the impostor appears. He introduces himself as Sock Lee, but Tenten catches his bluff. Fake versions of Tenten and Neji appear as well and once seeing them, Lee comments on the Tentens differences—quickly noting that Tenten's impostor was much more shapely.

A battle begins and Lee finds himself being beaten. However, Lee reveals his latest ability and defeats the fakes. Being defeated, Sock Lee sadly mentions his failure and notes that he will never be a true ninja, as he is not able to use ninjutsu and failed to copy Lee. He reveals that because he was jealous of the successful shinobi, he began to commit crimes his and paid his companions Zenzen and Reji to work with him. However, he goes on, saying that after seeing the teamwork of Lee and his friends, he became inspired. Hearing this, Lee gives Sock Lee a right to his name, but his offer is politely refused. After several moments of each Lee trying to get the other to except their offer, a new Lee appears: Pac Lee.


  • Yamato Cameos: 3
  • Neji breaks the fourth wall in this episode during Part 2.

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