Episode 2
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Episode 2


Love is a Part of the Springtime of Youth (恋もまた青春の一部なのです, Koi mo Mata Seishun no Ichibuna Nodesu)

Love Makes Both Sides Crazy (愛とはふたりで愚になることです, Ai to wa Futari de gu ni Naru Kotodesu)




April 10, 2012

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Episode 2 is the second episode of the Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden series.


Love is a Part of the Springtime of Youth

Rock Lee has a crush on Sakura Haruno. He mounts numerous "love offenses" his target, but Sakura manages to easily brush them off.

Love Makes Both Sides Crazy

Later, Lee goes to slip a love letter into her shoebox, in hopes of getting closer to Sakura. 


Love is a Part of the Springtime of Youth

After being rejected by Sakura, Lee consults his teammates for comfort and advice. When he is told by Tenten that he does not understand a woman's thoughts, he asks her to explain the thought process to him. After Lee sets scenario for her, Tenten reveals that her ideal significant other would be kind, open, honest, know how to keep her happy, and give her gifts, though a bit of forcefulness is not unwelcome.

Keeping her advice in mind, Lee rushes to meet Sakura. Soon after his departure, Naruto appears and notifies Neji and Tenten of rogue ninja lurking around. Meanwhile, Lee approaches Sakura. Remembering Tenten's advice, Lee goes through a series of events to look desirable, but fails and is ultimately denied after being punched by Sakura.

Greatly disappointed, Lee visits Tenten. Neji also appears and tells them that the rogue ninja were still in the area. Hearing this, Lee rushes to Sakura's location. Upon arriving, he finds the rogue shinobi surrounding Sakura. He is able to defeat the shinobi and save Sakura who inquires him on his reasons of doing so after she treated him so badly. In reply, Lee tells her that because she was precious to him, he needed no other reason to help her. He offers to walk Sakura home, but due to his dizziness that ocurred during his battle with the rogues, he accidentaly gropes Sakura's breasts, causing Sakura to punch him once more.

Lee visits Tenten again and talks of his misfortune. Lee laments of his inability to be cool, but Tenten tells him that she thought he was cool because he stood up for a friend. Touched by these words, Lee tries to thank Tenten, but with his teary face looking strange, Tenten attacks him.

Love Makes Both Sides Crazy

After asking for advise on how to get Sakura to like him, it is suggested to Lee that he write a love letter to her. He does this and secretly puts his note in Sakura's bag. Lee follows Sakura, waiting to see her reaction when she finds his note, but is saddened to see a different letter in her bag. Lee is approached by Naruto, who asks why he is upset. Telling Naruto what had happened, Naruto becomes angered. The two come to the conclusion that neither of them would stand a chance against a third love rival and decide to destroy the letter before Sakura can read it.

After all of their attempts fail, the two realize they are not succeeding in the least. In a final attempt, the two dress as councilers and demand that she open her bag and allow them to search it for suspicious objects. Sakura complies and the two search her bag for the letter. However, they become distracted, causing Sakura to grow impatient. However, the two are eventually able to grab a letter and proceed to tear it to pieces.

After, Sakura asks the two if they had seen two love letters, explaining she had recieved two earlier in the day. Both reply no, but realize that they destroyed each other's love letter. Naruto explains that earlier he had also written a love letter to Sakura and hid it in her bag.

Later, Neji and Tenten go over the events and Tenten asks if their friendship had been harmed. In reply, Neji tells her that the two were now in fact working together to write Sakura a better love letter.


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