Episode 19
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Summer Means Seashells Styles!
Watermelon Wars

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Episode 19 was aired on August 7, 2012.


Part 1: Summer Means Seashells Styles!

Lee wants to see Sakura's new "amazing" swimsuit but Guy keeps distracting him!

Part 2: Watermelon Wars

Guy turns a fun activity into training and pits everyone against each other to see who will get to eat the watermelon Lee brought.


Part 1: Summer Means Seashells Styles!

Tenten finds Lee training and she asks him if he wants to go to the beach. Lee doesn't see much point in this and he continues to train until Tenten finds Sakura and they talk about the beach trip. Sakura seems disappointed since she had hoped everyone would be coming. Tenten then changes the subject by asking Sakura if she's going to buy the bathing suit they saw the other day. Sakura isn't so sure yet, but they plan to meet up later before she takes off. Lee then quickly decides he has to go to the beach!

During the bus ride over to the beach, Lee seems to be feeling ill but it turns out to be totally different then what Tenten was concerned about. They quickly arrive to the beach where Tenten asks Lee how she looks, but he doesn't pay her much attention, which angers the girl greatly. It's then Guy shows up, where he explains he heard Lee the other day when he mentioned training at the beach. So now he wants Lee to run around the beach using his hands for about 5,000 laps. Lee gets right on it, but realizes that he just wants to see Sakura's bathing suit, so he tries to focus on it. Though Guy makes it hard by consistantly doing something else...

Throughout the day, Naruto and Konohamaru notice how upset Lee is, along with how hard he is pushing himself to please Guy, and still get to see Sakura's swimsuit. Neither of them entirely understand, but they decide they'll help him anyway. First they dress in giant sea turtle suits, then as crabs but with each attempt, Guy wants to eat them! As Guy and Lee are in the water, a shark begins to approach but Guy isn't very threatened until the shark begins to get closer. It is then revealed it isn't a shark, but Naruto and Konohamaru.

Lee manages to chase away the shark when he notices Sakura is looking for something and a black bikini piece floats over to him. He ends up thinking it belongs to Sakura, not aware she's just looking for the ball, and he goes to return it. It's then Lee realizes it belongs to Guy but at this point he's already thrown them at Sakura and she attacks him.

As the three of the boys sit in defeat, Sakura comes over and informs them that she felt the bathing suit was too wild, so she just got a normal one instead. Lee seems disappointed, but then he remembers that in a way, this still counted as success and the guys happily resume discussion...

Part 2: Watermelon Wars

Still at the beach, Lee suggests watermelon splitting for a fun activity. Everyone agrees to play but Guy comes along and has decided to do something with this by making it a training excersise. It'll be to see who can survive the longest in a water melon splitting race. Everyone thinks it sounds like a lot of fun and they agree while Guy explains that whoever wins will win the entire watermelon for themself. At first the girls are slightly concerned about these terms, but they agree when Guy insults them. So he explains the rules: Everyone will start in a different spot and the goal is to pop the watermelon balloon on your opponents head. Whoever reaches the end and cuts the watermelon at the goal wins.

Tenten and Guy work as referees. Tenten questions just how hard this will actually be, as everyone in this are strong ninja. But Guy still sees it as a difficult task, pointing out that unique summer traps have been set onto the beach. Such as huge amounts of people blocking the pathway, and other little minor problems such as just eating too much. This factor leads to Choji's downfall, then Sakura when a worker at one of the snack huts spots her and tries to make her work. Next to go is Ino when her temper gets the best of her after a couple mock her.

Konohamaru is knocked out of the race when he becomes distracted by a very beautiful women, who ends up being Neji! And so, they take a moment to go over everything. Shikamaru is protected by items and four random people he used his techniques on, Naruto is under a table eating a bowl of food, and Neji is swarmed by a whole bunch of guys convinced he's a pretty girl.

With some playful convincing they manage to finally disperse the massive crowd since the beginning of the episode when Neji claims Lee needs medical attention. It's a straight path to the watermelon!

But suddenly Naruto appears! He is neck and neck with Lee and Neji until Shikamaru uses his technique once more to catch up with them by dragging Naruto behind. Lee proceeds to knock down Neji and take off on his own! It's neck and neck until the guys scare Hinata (who happened to be holding the watermelon) and she runs away, dropping it. But instead of bursting open, it bounces.

The guys realize it's a fake and it's revealed that Guy did this so that he could have the watermelon all to himself! As he resumes eating it, all of the ninja appear behind him and attack him for being so greedy and making them do this race for nothing.


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