Episode 16
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The Warring Chef Triad
Time to Tone Down Guy Sensei

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Episode 16 was aired on July 17, 2012.


Part 1: The Warring Chef Triad

When the guys struggle to make a meal for everyone during survival training, Shikamaru gets an idea to pit all three girls against one-another in a cook-off!

Part 2: Time to Tone Down Guy-Sensei

Guy is in charge of running the morning exercises, but he's a lot to deal with first thing in the morning. So much in fact that nobody else wants to participate! So Lee, Tenten, and Neji set out to get others to join them.


Part 1: The Warring Chef Triad

One nice summer day, the ninjas decide to go camping. Mostly all of the guys are in the middle of fishing, but are seen to be growing slightly testy. Lee and Naruto just want to goof off, as they're having trouble catching fish. They realize, however, that they may not be able to have any dinner if there isn't enough for everybody. Meanwhile, the girls are up in the mountains foraging for wild items like plants, fruits, mushrooms, and other edible objects.

It is then when Lee begins to think for a moment that they should have the girls do the cooking, since it's women's work. But Naruto and the other guys don't feel very comfortable with this idea until they give it a little bit more thought. Eventually, Shikamaru gets just the idea!

Meanwhile, the girls have returned back to Camp and the guys are still gone. They go to check on them but hear the guys "arguing" with one-another over which girl should cook the fish. Nobody can vote for just one person and everyone wants to vote for the girl on their team (except Lee). At first the girls try to diffuse the situation, but as the guys keep insulting the other girls and their skills, the girls end up struggling to keep their composure. The final straw is broken when Shikamaru manages to compliment Ino while insulting both Sakura and Tenten, with Lee and Naruto adding onto it. So they decide to settle it by all three cooking a meal, then having all of the guys try it out and see who cooks the best!

Tenten gathers wild items like mushrooms and nuts, Sakura gets a giant eel, and Ino gets a turkey by using her jutsu. The guys are going over Shikamaru's idea, though Lee and Naruto seem to feel slightly guilty about it until they're reminded that they can taste some of Sakura's cooking. After the girls' cooking station has been set up, Sai announces that the competition will be a single round for a total of sixty minutes. Lee and Neji will be announcing the cook-off. So far the girls all seem to have an equal amount of skills, so it'll probably more or less come down to which girl found the best ingredients.

Naruto and Shikamaru reveal that all three girls are making curry. Though they're making it all differently. Sakura adds some shrimp to her mix, then claims she found it in the water. Ino does the same but with meat she claims to have found rock climbing. Tenten then adds a bunch of peppers, since Lee likes spicy foods. Sakura goes against this by tossing in a giant cake. Ino realizes she may lose if she doesn't do something, so she adds chakra. But when the other two hear her, they also put it into their dishes and begin to completely change it until they finally finish...

Unfortunately, their dishes don't look too appealing, and are seen to be glowing. The girls tell them to eat the food and watch as the guys react from it. It's then the girls, even more angrily, reveal that because of Lee and Naruto's big mouths, they happened to overhear their plan before they began to gather their ingredients.The girls then threaten to make them eat every single bite of their chakra-filled curry.

Part 2: Time to Tone Down Guy Sensei!

It's a brand new, sunny day in the Hidden Leaf Village. Lee is very excited and pumped! But Tenten and Neji are
less than thrilled. They tell Lee it's way too early to be so excited but Lee doesn't listen to them, instead going on about how Guy is in charge, and how important the calisthenics are. Lee also asks his teammates why they don't seem so eager, but suddenly they hear music playing nearby and find Guy, but they also find a very shocking sight: Guy is doing the morning calisthenics by himself!

Team Guy goes around the village to try to determine why nobody wants to do morning calisthenics and find quite a few reasons. It's too hot, Guy is too intense, people don't want to get up early, and just sheer ignorance and laziness. As Team Guy are on their way through the village, Lee points out that he doesn't think Guy will show up if nobody else bothers. But when they hear music again they check it out to find Guy doing calisthenics again!

Instead of trying to find out why, they go straight to Guy to find out why he bothers to keep doing such a pointless activity if nobody else shows up. Guy explains that he plans to keep going as long as there's any chance even just one person will show up or happen to wander by the spot. Lee, seeing Guy's dedication to this decides he and the rest of Team Guy are going to help make his morning calisthenics more popular. And so, all four of them sit down to go over the recording Neji was doing when they interviewed everyone around town. First is Ino, who complained that it's too hot during the summer. Neji also points out that to them, they're used to such intense training in even the weirdest conditions. But to a normal person, it's too much too handle all at once...

Lee points out that they need to find a way to make Guy cool down, then maybe the heat wont be so bad if he isn't too hot-blooded. So Lee suggests they just get a giant fan to blow on Guy. Next they look at Sakura's comment, that Guy is just too intense to deal with so early. So Lee suggests they lighten him up with a free-flowing, sheer outfit! But Tenten informs Lee that Sakura hadn't meant his clothing. So they look at the final comment and Lee points out that people generally just want to avoid Guy in the morning. So he suggests they just hold the classes should be held during the evening instead.

Guy seems to feel bad that so far this hasn't been going too well, but Lee promises that this will help. But as Tenten feared, nobody shows up. So they go back to interview everyone. Ino complains that she has trouble sleeping during summer nights, while Sakura still thinks he is too intense, Naruto doesn't stay up very late, and Kakashi thinks it'd be much too stressful and be too exhausted the rest of the day. During the evening as they walk down the same pathway, they three of them can't figure out what's going on and they find Guy being arrested after reports have been sent out regarding him.

After some time of facing a small arrest, Guy leaves and returns to his calisthenics and finds Lee, Neji, and Tenten there waiting for him. Lee apologizes for what happened, but Guy feels that he should apologize first. But before he can say very much, everyone from the village suddenly comes into the area.

Guy is very touched by this gesture and Kakashi explains that the three of them ran all over the village, gathering people up for his morning calisthenics when he got released. Lee then asks Guy to show them his brand new calisthenics he's created. To which everyone then flees the moment they see such a suggestive and weird exercise.


  • Yamato Cameos: 2