Episode 14
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I'll Restore the Popularity of Ninjas!

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Episode 14 was aired on July 3, 2012.


I'll Restore the Popularity of Ninjas!

Team Guy tries to help the children of Konoha when they hear that fewer of them are choosing to become ninja and Lee struggles with his own personal fears when he overhears Guy say that those without ninjutsu are worthless.


After Lee overhears something, he worries that Guy may be dying! To heal him and save his life, Lee has to make a special spicy curry!


Part 1: I'll Restore the Popularity of Ninjas!

Popular Ninja

Shizune informs Tenten, Lee and Neji about the recent lack of popularity of ninjas. She explains that children are now choosing more stable careers, inspiring Lee to teach children himself, as he cannot use ninjutsu. Lee approaches Guy, but upon arrival, Lee overhears Guy speaking and is given the impression that he only cared for those with ninjutsu. Lee's teammates visit him, hoping to cheer him up. Naruto and Shikamaru eventually join them and aid in Lee's training. The training motivates Lee, and he begins to show the children his "ninjutsu". He is later approached by Guy, who inquiries to his use of ninjutsu. Lee explains that he heard him talking about ninjutsu, but Guy reveals that he had been talking of ways to boost the ninjas popularity; his idea was to start a trend with a ninjutsu girls talent troupe

Soon after, the two are informed that enemies were attacking. Lee and Guy quickly fight them off. Seeing this, the villager's interest in the shinobi life was boosted, though Guy's original idea caused their popularity to drop more.

Part 2: Death!


Guy, sick in bed

After finishing training on a hot day, Team Guy stops for lunch, but notices Guy's lack of enthusiasm. Lee comments on this before Guy faints and is rushed to the hospital. Tsunade informs the trio that Guy was probably put under stress due to the heat. Weeks pass and Guy's condition gets no better. While Team Guy visits him, Shizune reveals that Guy refused to eat, making his stomach weaken. Leaving the hospital, the trio overhears a conversation, making them believe Guy is dying.

Lee reveals that Guy had asked him for curry, but Lee was unable to give him any due to his diet restrictions. Hearing this, Neji points out that it may have been Guy's dying wish. So, the team attempts to sneak curry into Guy's room, but to no avail. After several failed attempts, the team bluntly barges into the hospital and Guy's room, but only find an old man. Thinking to have missed Guy's passing, Lee panics, but is informed that Guy was discharged. Tsunade explains that she was talking about giving Guy a haircut in the conversation that they had heard.


  • Yamato Cameos: 2


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