Episode 12
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The No-Ninjutsu Lifestyle!
I Want to Share an Umbrella with Sakura

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Episode 12 was aired on June 19, 2012.


The No-Ninjutsu Lifestyle!

Guy and Kakashi grow concerned after seeing how lazy everyone has become, now that they are dependant on their ninja talents for the simplest things.

I Want to Share an Umbrella with Sakura

Lee is put into a bad situation when he desires to share an umbrella with Sakura without being caught by Guy.


Part 1: The No-Ninjutsu Lifestyle!

No Ninjutsu life

While thinking of Sakura and Naruto's recent careless use of ninjutsu, Kakashi spots Guy, who reveals he has been seeing the same behavior in his own students. After talking the problem over, Guy disappears, apparently having thought of an idea.

The following day, Kakashi leads his, Guy's and other shinobi on a mission. He explains to them that they were to aid a fisherman. The group arrives and the fisherman is revealed to be a poorly disguised Guy, who explains that absolutely no ninjutsu was allowed on his ship. When asked why such a rule was placed, Guy reveals a touching but unrelated story to the ninja. However, it is enough to convince them to refrain from using their ninjutsu. However, the boat begins to shake so much that the fish bait is destroyed and everyone is forced to use ninjutsu to catch fish. The group catches many fish, but fails to learn from the experience. As the mission is about to end, a giant squid appears. Directly after its appearance, Guy unveils himself from his disguise. He lectures the ninja of their granted and thoughtless use of ninjutsu and defeats the squid with one hit. However, his words fell on deaf ears, and the ninja continue to use their powers as they had before.

Part 2: I Want to Share an Umbrella with Sakura


Lee is out walking one rainy day in Konoha, when he notices Sakura by herself standing under a nearby awning, waiting for the rain to stop. She and Lee speak to each other and she asks him why he doesn't have an umbrella with him. He informs her it's just training and he is not to use umbrellas in the rain. Naruto appears, and Sakura asks to share his umbrella with him, which he gleefully accepts. A sorrow-filled Lee watches as Naruto offers to walk Sakura home.

A little while later, Tenten and Neji find Lee standing in front of a window in disguise, overlooking the multiple choices in umbrella that he could pick from. They go to a different area and Lee reveals what he was doing. Since he missed a chance to share an umbrella with Sakura, he feels upset. Neji tries to comfort Lee by telling him that it'll rain a lot, given the season, but Tenten reveals that Guy gave Lee an assignment by challanging him to not use any umbrellas in the rain. Lee has mixed feelings, since he wishes to share an umbrella with Sakura more than anything, but at the same time he can't just ignore what Guy teaches to him. Tenten advises Lee to just ask Guy about this since she thinks he would just let it slide, but Neji points out that he didn't technically tell Tenten and himself that they couldn't carry umbrellas, so they go to speak with him in hopes of Lee getting permission to carry an umbrella. Unfortuantly, Guy hits Lee instead and explains that since Lee isn't an ordinary ninja so he needs to train with everyday activities if he wishes to become an elite ninja. Guy then storms off and eventually so does Lee. Neji and Tenten feel really bad for what happened and they wish to make it better, but they don't know how to. Neji thinks Guy is being too strict when Tenten suddenly gets an idea.

The two confront Lee and Tenten explains that if they could somehow turn carrying an umbrella into training, then Guy would have to let Lee do it. Lee then reveals his only idea of umbrella training, but Tenten yells at him for each attempt until she reveals her own idea of good umbrella training: Using a weighted umbrella. Lee is a bit concerned regarding the weight, but Tenten makes him pick it up anyway. With a few attempts he seems to finally get it and they go back into town to begin the harsh training regimen. Consisting of lifting two heavy umbrella's and running up huge sets of steps. After they are sure that Lee finally has had enough training, they practice by having Tenten wear a paper made to resemble Sakura's face, but this only lasts for a minute, as Lee's expression messed it up, but Neji thinks Tenten did it wrong, so with his own Sakura paper mask, they try again.

With some more practice, Lee finally manages to pull it off and he's ready to ask Sakura to walk with him under an umbrella. Lee thanks them and eventually the following day comes around. Unfortunately, it's no longer rainy season. Lee finds Sakura and Ino discussing a beach visit and he's left standing alone. But just then, someone shows up and they ask for Lee to share his umbrella with them. Lee turns to see Tenten and Neji standing behind him and he accepts and the three friends share the umbrella.


  • Yamato Cameos: 3


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