Episode 11
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A Field Trip to the Old Capital!
Girls' Rooms and Candy Boxes

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Episode 11 was aired on June 12, 2012.


A Field Trip to the Old Capital!

Both Naruto and Lee work together in hopes of convincing Konohamaru to change teams so that they can be with Sakura.

Girls' Rooms and Candy Boxes

The boys try to sneak into the girls room without being detected by the adults.


Part 1: A Field Trip to the Old Capital!

Field Trip

Several young shinobi including Team Guy, Kurenai, Kakashi, and Konohamaru Sarutobi go to the capital for a rare field trip. It is announced that groups of three will be able to search the city. Both Rock Lee and Naruto Uzumaki wish to be set in Sakura Haruno's group, but are instead placed along side Neji Hyūga. Tenten and Konohamaru Sarutobi are placed in Sakura's group, much to Lee and Naruto's dismay and both try to get Konohamaru to switch with them. Might Guy punishes them and Kakashi Hatake mentions that those who disobey will be forced to stay in their room on their knees until the trip ends. Hearing this, Lee and Naruto leave with Neji.

The boys decide to follow Sakura and in doing so, arrive at a temple. However, only Hinata Hyūga appears, attempting to speak to Naruto. The time she has said nothing increases and she eventually only comments on the weather. This irritates the two boys, who are beaten by Neji for such reactions.

Lee and Naruto remember that the girls mentioned wanting to get oil blotting paper from a shop. Lee decides to buy oil blotting paper for Sakura and Naruto decides to do this as well. The two go to the checkout line, but are held up by another customer. The two attempt to persuade her to buy less items, only to realize they are talking to the Hokage Tsunade.

After being beaten up by Tsunade, the boys are approached by Konohamaru, who tells them that the girls are in trouble. Lee and Naruto rush to the scene and fight of the girls' harassers. After winning, the two realize that they should be enjoying their vacation instead of constantly trying to get attention. Both boys agree, but the two are unfortunately found by Guy and Kakashi who make them sit on their knees.

Part 2: Girls' Rooms and Candy Boxes

Episode11 2

Night falls, and the boys listen as Lee tells a story. Konohamaru arrives with drinks and Lee is hit with an idea: go hang out with the girls. Knowing the punishment of sitting on your knees all night if caught doing such a thing, the rest of the boys are shocked. But after regaining themselves, Naruto, Konohamaru and eventually Chōji Akimichi and Neji agree. Shikamaru Nara refuses, but the remaining boys set out to find the girls' room.

Konohamaru scouts the area while Lee searches as well. Lee is immediatly caught, but catches sight of a note reading "The girls are in the last room at the North end of the hall" sent by Konohamaru. Konohamaru is soon caught as well.

The remaining boys continue their search and Neji uses his Byakugan to find Konohamaru. However, he unfortunatly witnesses Guy doing squat thrusts privately. Once recovered, the boys prepare to go to the girls' room. Knowing they would have to pass the instructor's room to get to the girls' room Neji devises a plan. He explains that one person will distract the instructors in their room and "accidentaly" spill something on them. Then, the two instructors will be forced to wash and during their time in the bath, the boys will rush to the girls' room.

Lee approaches the instructors, saying he was feeling ill. He asks for something cold to drink and he is handed a drink by Kakashi. Lee pretends to sneeze and knock over his drink, but only manages to soak Konohamaru.

Chōji is sent to mend Lee's mistake, but only devours all the drinks. Finally remembering his purpose, Chōji spills over Konohamaru and Kakashi, but only to find that Kakashi used a replacement technique. Naruto runs in, claiming to be on fire and Kakashi deals with this as well. After this, the boys are kicked out and told to go to bed. Kakashi mentions being thirsty and seeing his chance, Konohamaru hands him the drinks he had gotten previously. Guy and Kakashi are covered with the soda when the drink explodes due to it being shaken. The two instructors go to their own private bathroom, but find that their faucet will not work. The go to the main bath and the boys run to the girls' room, silently thanking Shikamaru for using his Shadow Binding Technique to hold the faucet.

The boys prepare to open the door and Lee thanks Konohamaru for writing him the note telling him the location of the room. Confused, Konohamaru tells Lee that he wrote no such thing, but the door is already opened. The boys are shocked to find Anko Mitarashi and Tsunade in the room. It is revealed that Kakashi wrote the note after catching Konohamaru, copyinng his handwriting with his Sharingan. All the boys (with the exception of Shikamaru) are sent to the instructor's room, were they sit on their knees for the night.


  • Yamato cameos: 2


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