Episode 10

Teamwork Symbolizes Youth
The Culprit is Among Us!

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Episode 10 was aired on June 5, 2012.


Teamwork Symbolizes Youth

Concerned about his lack of teamworking skills with Neji, Lee tries to find ways of increasing their friendship.

The Culprit is Among Us!

The Leaf ninja are scheduled to take an IQ test when a strange crime occurs! It's up to everyone to put their brains together and help solve the mystery!


Part 1: Teamwork Symbolizes Youth


While Team Guy is in the village, they are attacked by several rogue ninja. Battling, Neji and Lee get caught in each other's attacks. The team is aided by Team Asuma, with Shikamaru Nara and Chōji Akimichi quickly defeating the foes. After hearing Tenten compliment the two's teamwork, Lee becomes inspired to work on his teamwork with Neji. At a BBQ restaurant, Lee asks for help improving his relationship with Neji. Chōji mentions eating snacks with Shikamaru and Lee attempts to do this. However, Neji is only annoyed and Lee accidentally calls Chōji "fat". After being beat up by Chōji, Shikamaru suggests another idea.

Shikamaru and Chōji hold a bell and instruct Neji and Lee to try to take bell before the time limit ends, also mentioning teamwork was essential to be able to take the bells. Lee and Neji engage Chōji into battle, but Neji ends up attacking Lee as well as Chōji. Lee is sent flying towards Shikamaru's direction and lands in several paper bombs that he had been preparing. Neji approaches Lee, checking on him. Although the scene turns strangely dramatic, the two begin fighting. After this, they decide not to work together, but only work to be the best fighter As the girls watch this strange display, Tenten mentions that while Lee and Neji were not best friends, they were rivals and could work rather well together when the situation calls for it. Attacking again, Lee and Neji's attacks fuse and the bell is knocked into water, ending the test as a draw.

Part 2: The Culprit is Among Us!


The Konoha 11 arrives at a location to take an IQ test, but only find a mansion with a dark setting. They enter anyways and search for Guy, who was supposed to procter for their exam. They find him beaten and unconcsious on the second floor. Orochimaru is the culprit of this act, as he had planned to set several traps, but ran out of time and only was able to knock Guy.

Gathering around Guy, everyone notices a swirl symbol around Guy. Shikamaru points out that it was probably a dying message that Guy left to help them uncover the culprit. Lee accuses Naruto of being the culprit, as his symbol was a swirl. However, this is disproved when Shikamaru points out that Naruto was with his team all day. Lee then accuses Chōji, pointing out the marks on his face were swirls. This is also disproved and it is pointed out that whoever attacked Guy had to be inside the room before them. Lee comes up with another idea: That this was all set up for their IQ test.

Deciding to take his opportunity, Orochimaru jumps from his hiding spot and "confirms" this dressed as Guy. Claiming that the man on the floor was his brother Orochimaru decides to lead the test. After Shikamaru leaves, Orochimaru begins to ask questions. Chōji, Neji, and Ino all answer incorrectly and fall through the ground. Tenten and Lee are strapped to chairs with baloons attached to them. They are told that with each incorrect answer the baloon will expand and eventually explode.

As this happens, Shikamaru watches. Using his Shadow Posession, he guides Guy to a hot bathtub and makes him devour extremely spicy foods. Orochimaru reveals himself, but Shikamaru is able to save everyone.


  • Yamato Cameos: 3


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