Bizarre Beast Tag!!

Bizarre Beast Tag Team
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Jiraiya, The Legendary Peeping Ninja!! Make-Out Kiss-Kiss Cutesy Lovey-Dovey Cuddly Heart-Throb!!

Bizarre Beast Tag!! is chapter 21 of the manga.


Team Guy is set on a mission to capture animals. Neji expresses concern about the mission, stating that he had seen two figures that looked like Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki previously. Before he can say anymore, a huge gorilla appears and Lee recognizes it as a gorilla that has been causing trouble with its ninjutsu. Guy asks his summon Ningame whether he can reason with the ape because they are both animals, but the ape knocks both of them off a cliff. He lives, due to trees breaking his fall and him landing on Kisame. When he rises, he realizes that he was hit by the apes sticky chakra and he is now stuck to Kisame back to back, making them unable to look at each other's faces. The gorilla appears once more and calls Kisame a beast (translated by Ningame). After hearing its insults, Kisame agrees to help Guy in capturing the beast.

Meanwhile, Tenten, Lee and Neji look for Guy, but instead come across Itachi. Itachi reveals that he has no intention of attacking them, explaining he is looking for Kisame.

Guy and Kisame chase the beast and attempt to attack it. Kisame orders Samehada to aid in their battle, but since Guy cannot halt his spinning, Samehada instead begins to cut them up. Kisame uses his Water Clone Technique and tries to look at Guy's face, but with Guy's face so mangled by Samehada, he is unrecognizable. Guy and Kisame use bananas to lure the ape to a trap and when the beast appears, Kisame uses his Water Release: A Thousand Feeding Fish and Guy uses his Morning Peacock to create the combination jutsu Grilled Fish Breakfast Technique and the Full Seafood Course for a Thousand Guests Technique. Their techniques defeat the beast and Kisame and Guy are freed. Neji, Tenten and Lee arive directly after and grab Guy, covering their movements with smoke bombs. Itachi arrives soon after and greets Kisame. After the events, Kisame wonders if he had heard Guy's voice before, though Guy can't remember Kisame face.

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