Animal Watcher!!

Animal Watcher
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Super Secret Infiltration Mission!! Tenten vs. Temari!!

Animal Watcher is Chapter 14 of the manga.


Left with Gamakichi, Gamatatsu, Kakashi's ninken, Tonton and Katsuyu, Might Guy and Rock Lee are soon joined by a puzzled Neji and Tenten. Telling them not to worry, Guy summons Ningame seemingly only adding one more animal to the masses. Explaining to Lee that you didn't need to be good at ninjutsu to communicate with animals. As Guy asks Tenten — who seemingly cannot get along with Ningame — and Neji — who does not have a contract with an animal — to help them as well, they all realise that maybe their team was unsuited to watch animals. Kiba and Akamaru then pass by practising the Dynamic Marking which amazes the other ninken. Stopping by, Guy tells Lee that you can bond with animals through skinship leading Lee to hugging Akamaru who retaliates with the Passing Fang. Believing that they were bonding, Pakkun explained that summoned creatures were different from Akamaru who was around Kiba all the time, and as such, they did not require watching. After telling them that they could not neglect their duties, the animals all scatter. Noting that he was hungry, Gamatatsu attempts to swallow Tonton before being stopped by Gamakichi. When Neji and Tenten catch up to the three, Gamakichi asks Neji to not hurt his brother, hoping that he would understand, having a younger relative as well. Gamakichi's story, however, gets out of hand and Neji is forced to attack them to stop it. Tonton however intercedes but is caught by Tenten. Meanwhile Guy and Lee chases down the ninken pack that end up using Summoning Technique: Earth Release: Tracking Fang Technique to attack him but this is misinterpreted as them wanting to play with him. The same occurs with Lee when Kiba and Akamaru attacks him with the Fang Passing Fang, even beginning to trade the dogs with each other. Fed up, the ninken all use the Super Dynamic Marking on Lee and Might Guy. Kiba and Akamaru then prepare to use the Human Beast Combination Transformation: Double-Headed Wolf but Lee dives into the combination, creating three heads. Running away, Guy summons Ningame noting that the turtle was faster. Guy, however, kicks Ningame who spirals towards them like a giant shuriken. Lee was able to protect all the ninken from this attack, earning Ningame's respect as he later promises to help with Lee's training. A few days later, Lee is assigned to help watch a few animals again only for a shocked Neji and Tenten to see the giant Bunta, Ken, and Hiro before them.

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