Akatsuki's Summer Vacation!!

Chapter 27
Chapter Info


Kankuro the Puppeteer!! Paradise in the South Seas!!

Akatsuki's Summer Vacation!! is chapter 27 of the manga.


Lee is given a mission to spy on the Akatsuki. The Akatsuki gathers, and their leader, Pain, orders them to all go on summer break. He explains that in summer, people are known to gain special powers, such as completing a long role-playing game in one day or finishing an entire summer break's worth of homework on the last day before school. The Akatsuki complies, and all the members go do summer activities. Deidara creates a sand castle, but finds that Sasori has made a much bigger castle already. The two begin to fight with their sand castles and Itachi observes that the two can get along sometimes. Later, Tobi tells Deidara to split open a watermelon. Deidara attempts to do so with a bat and blindfolded, but instead of splitting the watermelon, stabs Pain. Meanwhile, Zetsu checks on Itachi and Kisame. The two appear to be fighting, but the two are revealed to actually be catching cicadas. When checked on again by Zetsu, the two appear to be fighting again, but are revealed to only be watching bugs fight. Kakuzu opens a beach house and cooks food for its visitors. He approaches Hidan to tell him to get back to work, but finds Hidan laying under the air conditioner. He remarks that even the way Hidan cools off is creepy. Lee overhears two men talking about a swimming contest, but does not hear the entire conversetion. However, he soon comes to the conclusion that it must be swimming contest only for female ninjas. He is proven wrong however, and it turns out to be a swimming contest for only Zetsu's. Sasori, Deidara, Pain and Konan begin to play a video game. When Pain's turn comes, Konan remarks that Pain has never lost in his life. However, Pain loses the game quickly, but retries again and again. Even after everyone leaves, Pain stays and attempts to defeat the game. Next, the entire Akatsuki lights sparklers and Pain declares that the one whos sparkler lasts the longest is the winner. Pain remarks that he has never lost this game, but it is quickly pointed out by Konan that his sparkler was the first to die out. Eventually, only Tobi, Deidara and Sasori's sparklers were left. However, Sasori and Deidara's sparklers fused together, and eventually Tobi's became fused with theirs as well. It soon got too heavy and the sparklers fell off the strings, causing there to be no winner. Everyone tries to redo the game, but they make the sparklers too big and a big explosion is caused. After everyone stands once more, Pain realizes that their skin has darkened. He believes it to be a power up of some kind, but in reality, the Akatsuki simply got sunburned. Lee gets distracted by watching Sakura and Ino at the beach and loses track of the Akatsuki.

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