Chapter 10.5



Ninja Gakkō!!

Chapter Info


Tag Match!! S-Class Mission!!

"Academy" (忍者学校!!, Akademī!!) is the omake chapter of the manga.


Since he is informed that there are missing-nin hiding around the Academy, Iruka tells the Academy students not to leave. Lee arrives and is dressed into a female teacher. The academy students doubt Lee, causing him to discard his cross-dressing and reveal that he can't use ninjutsu. Lee offers his tights, but the students tear it apart, insulting him. He resolves to teach those children what effort is. The enemy arrives, and Lee attempts to defeat them, but most of the students doubt him. Lee attempts to attack the enemy with his shoe filled with paper bombs, but he flew instead. He fails to do Front Lotus on the enemy when Sakura arrives. Realizing the enemy's strength, Neji comically rips his sleeves and pants, annoying Tenten. Lee is being scrutinized by the students again, causing Iruka to lecture them, but Lee accidentally beats Iruka up. Lee tells the students about hard work again and defeats the enemy while advertising the anime. The students appear to wear tights, changing their views on Lee. They appear to Iruka with their sleeves and pants ripped.

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